Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Add Another Baby

I think everyone on the unit today would agree that today was just a day that went on forever. It wasn't bad, it just was never ending! I had an induction, multip who went from 1-"baby" in 3'50". Not too bad! Note to docs: when the nurses who are doing your induction don't start their shift 'till 0700, don't tell your patient to be there at 0630, and then when you show up at 0705, please don't be upset that she doesn't have an IV yet and that the nurse isn't just waiting around for you to AROM. I get nervous easily anyway, and when the doc is standing in the corner of the room drumming his fingers while I'm trying to start an IV and just say "good morning" to my patient that I've known all of 3 minutes, I get even more nervous! I don't think I really got my thoughts gathered 'till AFTER delivery. Oh well, live and learn.

I ended up doing a bleeding/cramping triage later on. It amazes me how the patients we as nurses think should be kept or at least sent home with somewhat BR instructions or at least maybe scheduled for high risk testing etc the doc's send home without a second thought, but the ones who really only need hydration or a vistaril are the ones who end up hanging around for 2-3 days. This poor gal was 27 weeks, had a marginal previa, was in for her second bleed in a month, an uncontrolled GDM, etc, and after I hand-held the monitor for 20 minutes the doc said "send her on home." Ok, I was thinking at least maybe steroids and some bedrest? Oh well.

I got a ROL/SROM at 1755. Really, I think we should be able to close our unit an hour-and-a-half before and after shift change, 'cuz it's crazy for a nurse to assess and admit a patient in an hour. With a full paper chart, full computer chart, doc's to call, orders to get, IV...the list goes on. And that's just with a routine patient! Throw something crazy in and it just adds to the list. It's not "hard" just time consuming. But I was out by about 1925 and shew as all fluffed, and all the charting was done for night shift. I know what it's like to pick up pieces for someone who's in a hurry, so that's my resolve as a nurse, hand a patient over more organized than when you got them :)

Tomorrow I think we signed up for the 29week PIH gal who we're gonna mag/pit (then probably section) tomorrow. That's a mess and a half right there, but hey, get it done on orientation!

Babies today: 1f
Babies total: 25M/17F = 42
Vag:19M/15F = 34
C/S: 6M2F = 8

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  1. That's interesting, the difference between who the nurses think should be kept vs. who the doctors actually keep... I've been enjoying reading your observations... I do wonder what some of the abbreviations are sometimes though (I look them up when I need to)! Nursing/medical care seems like education with all the many acronyms!