Sunday, November 9, 2008

Do Some People Deserve A Baby?

So this is the blog that relates to Friday at work, and since it's Sunday morning, that should say something! J wanted me to do at least one more day of antes before I'm done with orientation, so we figured there should be some on a Friday after they've had all week to pile up on the board. Sure enough, we got a Mag patient on for PTL (pre-term labor) and then another one...

The mag patient was too fun, she'd come in the end of our shift on Wednesday, so had been there for a while, she was 1cm/100%/-1 and 30-something weeks. She was so sweet, and so scared, and ready for the mag to come off! Poor girl! She was so tiny that the toco was picking up anything little thing so she looked like she was really crampy and irritable, but I think she may had one or two decent contractions every hour or so. Personally I think the vistaril that we gave every 6hrs was doing her more good than the mag was...She hadn't really changed her cervix so I think the plan was to turn off the mag late Friday night and then send her home.

Then the "other patient." I don't even know where to start, but is there really any need to use your call light 24 times in a 12-hour shift, and especially when you're off the floor for 2 hours? I. Think. Not. 24 times!!! An internal med doc that works at a different hospital in the area, just moved from east coast with her dr. husband and toddler. She was like 28 weeks or so and had started her pre-natal care before they moved here so she'd only had one or two visits with her doc here. This was her 3rd admission this week to the unit, first time with a slight fever (sent her home), the second time with abdominal pain (sent her home) now she's back with another fever. But this "fever" I'm not so sure about. As an internal med doc you should know that when you're wearing your long pants, socks, a hospital gown and 5 warm blankets your temp is going to be a little higher than normal. This woman was having the 3-million dollar work-up done, and was pretty much writing her own orders. She'd had two sets of blood cultures drawn, every other blood tube filled, she was scheduled for an MRI, she had 2 different antibiotics done, she was asking for a CT scan. She was on speaker phone with some physician friends while they were in the middle of surgery, she was being seen by internal med docs, general surgeons, OB's and was making calls to the radiology department scheduling her own stuff. She personally was calling the lab every hour to check on the growth in her blood cultures (there wasn't any in over 24-hrs). It was way past the point of annoying, it was way past the point of funny, it was just plain DUMB and a total waste of the hospital resources. She NEVER ran a temp for me (orally or axillary) all day. I like to think that I have a good bedside manner and will go above and beyond for my patients, will really do my best to accommodate for them, but the thing I hate the most is when I'm taken advantage of. And that's exactly what happened. J and I were both near tears a couple times because she was so manipulative. Ack!!! We decided what she really needed was a psych consult and to head up to 6th floor! What really made me sad was when her mom (who had just flown in because her daughter was 'deathly sick') and her husband wanted to bring her little boy up to see her. She hadn't seen him in 2 days. She came up with about a dozen reasons why they shouldn't bring him up to see her. "It's too cold." "It's too far to drive." "He would be too loud." Come on, you don't want to see your little boy, but you're gonna have another baby? That makes me sad...

Babies today: 0
Babies total: 26M/18F = 44
Vag:20M/16F = 36
C/S: 6M2F = 8


  1. Ah ha! You've met "the pampered princess who knows the system inside and out". It's going to be a long pregnancy for you.

  2. Yikes. That lady sounds like a nightmare. I can't believe anyone would feel OK with pushing their call light 24 times!!

  3. Wow. I think I pushed the call button once in both pregnancies and that was when the monitor ran out of paper as I was being looked at for possible pre-term labor (2nd pregnancy, the first was a 30 weeker so I was a little nervous). And I hated pushing it then. I can't even imagine...
    Love your blog by the way. Always like to hear what it is like from the nurses side.
    Debbie in Houston