Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No Breakage!

I know I shouldn't post this when I have two more nights left this week...but I can't remember a night being as good as last night. It started out way hectic and I wasn't sure how it was all gonna turn out, but it was busy enough that it kept me going and the night was actually really good! The worst I had of it was chasing babies, but even that was ok, at least the babies were behaving! My cervidil I expected to labor just because that doc has the reputation of delivering people off cervidil's, but she was pretty quiet all night and baby was a perfect angel, best looking strip I've claimed in a long time! She slept most of the night too, so I'm glad she didnt' hurt too bad.

I walked in at the same time as a R/O PROM, and was trying to do that and get the cervidil started all at the same time. By the time I got the cervidil situated I caught the on-call doc for the R/O and he proceeded to do the 1-million dollar workup on the PROM and then decided that she was just leaking urine. This after a sterile spec, an amnisure (I had done that already...), a sono, and a vag exam. At least he's thorough...but it took 2 hours to send her home when it should have taken about 30minutes. Oh well.

So I'm back for the 2nd full shift of 2 1/2 in a row. I was so proud of my girl from Sunday night...she delivered vaginally! I stopped and saw her before I left today and her baby is so cute! I don't think her strip ever looked all that wonderful, but no crash section so I feel better about that. She said she only pushed 6 times...for a prime that's not bad! Now it's time to sleep before I head to the gym and back to work. Good morning, everyone!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Afraid of...

So I was thinking last night after I worked an extra 6hr shift that right after times I think I'm really getting this L&D nursing thing, something else happens that shows me I still have SO much to learn that it scares me all over again! What am I still freaked out about as an L&D nurse? The list seems endless...

~Decels, no matter what kind, still scare the snot out of me, because it only takes one decel to never come back up again...

~Crash C/S- I seem to get flustered at the littlest things, and at the wrong times anyway. If I can't open a scalp electrode at the right end, how am I gonna rush a patient back for a stat section all in one piece without forgetting something important!? I'm sure it's something that after I do it I won't be so terrified of it, but until that happens...

~A REAL shoulder dystocia - I know how to do suprapubic pressure, but what if that doesn't work?

~ That one time there's no heartbeat...heaven help me if that ever happens.

The list could go on and on and on. I guess that's one of the reasons there's never a dull moment at work, there's always that "possibility" that everything can change. I used to say I was afraid of catching a baby, but I did that, so I guess it's time to tackle some more of my fears. Just not all in the same night...please!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cluster of Quiet Nights

It seems like I've worked a ton this week, even though I really don't think I have...I worked Christmas night, it was fretty quiet, but got kinda "clinic-y" since the offices were closed. Lot's of "I'm cramping after I've been up and going crazy the last few days" so lots of hydration, vistaril and home. I had one long term ante who's gonna be around for awhile r/t a complete previa. Gave her a colace, took some vitals and visited with her. Other than that...she slept all night. I did one or two triages too but they all ended up going home. Read through some good trivial prusit cards though!

Last night was a little busier, but still really, really "clinic-y" I started out with the same ante from the night before, sent another one home about 2000, then got a ROL about 2100 that was in labor (I suspect 8 hours of shopping gave her a pretty good start). She and her very supportive parents and FOB were really fun and nice. Since it was the middle of the night, the docs were pretty "non aggressive" and didn't want much done to "encourage the process" so she got to do (at least until I left) it all on her own, no pit, etc. She was doing good, never really did get into a "good contraction" pattern, she'd have a whole slew of them for an hour, then they would kinda disappear for a while. She didn't make great gang-busting change, even after she SROM'd. She'd gone from 3-5.5cm in about 6 hours, but had just gotten an epidural and really comfy. I called the doc to see if she wanted some pit since she was SROM'd and she so not yet, wait 'till 0700. When I went in and re-checked her before I started pit at 0650 she was 8-9! So I didn't start the pit. I wonder how it all turned out for her.

I'm starting to see day-shift a little differently now that I'm on nights. Never would have thought it when I worked days, but now I've decided I love the night crew. What a switch! I love walking into a blocked, foley'd, comfy, excited almost 9cm room when everything is ready, but I guess that's just me sometimes. One day I hope to give report to a nurse and not get the feeling from her that I totally forgot something and that I actually did do a good job of taking care of my patient for 12 hours!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Messed Up Schedule!

Ok...this not being able to sleep at night is really starting to get to me. It's after 0300...and why am I not tired? It's weird to think that at this time yesterday morning I was still shaking after catching a baby. But I'd do it again (and hopefully will again someday!) in a heartbeat!

P.S. Everything but one little tiny spot of meconium came out of my scrubs and my brand new long sleeved shirt I was wearing underneath. That made me VERY happy, even though my mom wanted to know why I was doing laundry at 5am...!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Did You Play Baseball in School?

New favorite quote from a patient/family member...

New Grandpa: "Did you play baseball in school?"
Birthday Nurse: "No...but I watch my brother play and I play softball in the summer. Why?"
New Grandpa: "Because you're the best catcher I've seen!"

This after I delivered his new granddaughter all by myself :)

I've wanted to "catch" a baby forever...seriously! But I really, truly believed that it would come after working as nurse for much longer and with a doctor right behind me guiding me through the process, not with one glove on as the patient is puking after pushing for 7 minutes. But, there is NOTHING like that surge of adrenaline, ask the scrub tech (who came in as I'm suctioning the baby after the friend went down the hallway looking for someone to help me) who was standing behind me watching my knees shake as she's handing me stuff to clamp/cut the cord and draw cord gases! Oh my goodness, I thought I was gonna fall over!

But the real story...I'm crawling into bed at home after sleeping most of the day then going shopping (never again this close to Christmas...). My phone rings and it's work: "We're swamped and one of the nurses is sick...is there anyway you can come in?" Sure, I've got nothing better to do, so I jumped through the shower and made it to the hospital in record time. They were right, the board was full! I got a prime who was 7cm, blocked/comfy and on pit. I go in, do my thing, flip her a couple times to get the baby to have early's instead of variables and about 0130 she's about 9. The doc's in the lounge but doesn't want to come until delivery, which means to him until the ears are out. So about 0230 I go in, she's complete and +1 I put her to stirrups, she pushes really well and after all of 3 pushes the baby's crowning quite a bit with pushing so I page the doc to the room and chart that he's been paged.

Then the dreaded words "I feel sick..."
Vomit X1 and I really can see the ears!

Vomit X2 and oh look, I barely got my ONE gloved hand under the head and am now covered in amniotic fluid. I'm not sure what I was thinking but I think it was something along the lines of "Hmmm...the head's out now...I hope the doc gets here quick" and mid thought came...

Vomit X3 and now I'm thinking "oh look, I'm holding a baby...and there's no one else in the room! Uh...now what?"

And then I'm trying to hit my emergency badge and sending the friend of the mom down the hall to find me some help and I'm asking Grandma to slide the delivery table over to me and I'm telling the mom "good job, look at your cute baby" and I'm talking to the baby "oh look how cute you are...talk to me, tell me all about it!" and I'm grabbing on the delivery table for the suction bulb and trying to remember to keep the baby upside down and suction mouth then nose and then I'm trying to find the cord clamp and somewhere in here I'm thinking "I have one glove on, and it's not even on the hand that's holding the baby..." and "hmmm...now I see why the docs wear those big blue gowns over their scrubs...I hope this all comes out in the wash!"

About this time 3 nurses and the scrub tech walk in and (still with one glove on) I clamped the cord, cut the cord (totally forgot to ask if anyone else wanted to do it...), drew cord blood for nursery (missed the tube the first time and added some more decorations to the front of my scrubs 'cuz I was shaking so bad), and was waiting on the placenta when the doc walked around the curtain. "Hi doc!"

I'm not exactly sure how mad he was when he walked around the corner, the only thing he threw was a pair of gloves, but he didn't say anything mean to me and wasn't short with anyone that I heard. He delivered the placenta and sewed up a few skidmarks, but that was it! Honestly, I don't think there was anything I could have done differently. She pushed 3 times and I called him and it was the puking that pushed the baby out, she wasn't pushing with contractions.

So I filled out a variance report, did about half the girl's recovery and left about 0430. I'll work a shift like that anytime. I feel guilty about the doc missing the delivery, but I can't stop smiling! I feel like I got some of my confidence back after Sunday night. So, maybe I should try out for the baseball team? :)

Babies today: 1f
Babies total: 28M/25F = 53
Vag:21M/22F = 43
C/S: 7M3F = 10
Babies 'caught' = 1f...this demands a new category!!

Tired of Being Frusturated

~~ Sorry the time/date is wrong on here! It should have been about 2045 on the 22nd...but I got called into work so this got posted after I got home :) ~~

So after I left work this morning I really am not sure that I'm ever going to feel confident in this job! I know there are shifts when nothing seems to go right, and everyone has them...I think I just had one. What a way to top off an already long weekend (even if I was on call Saturday night!).

Started off the night with one ante who was in for a PIH eval and a 24-hour urine, 38 weeks, no big deal. Well then at 1855 another gal walks in, and guess who got elected for triage duty? So I took her back and got her started, it took me an hour before I got into my original patient'sroom.

Finally get both of them somewhat settled and my PIH baby starts randomly "dumping." Baby was all around a little 'sleepy' but nothing too overly horrible, mom's uterus had some irregular irritability that she was sleeping through. Then every 2 hours or so she would have a big titanic contraction and baby would drop down into the low 70's then by the time I would get in there and turn her it would come back up. I turned her back and forth every time, I gave multiple fluid boluses, she slept with oxygen on, the whole 9-yards. The baby had been doing this randomly since she'd come in that afternoon and the doctor had been made aware of it and hadn't given any new orders.

About 0200 another triage rolls in, of course I'll take it! It's a high-maintenance/out of control ROL. She was 3.5, I'll give her that, but it took us 45 minutes to get an IV started because she wouldn't hold still, wouldn't listen, etc. So finally get her a block about 0430, meanwhile my PIH baby is dumping again and I'm holding my new girl in position for a block, my antibiotic needs to be hung 30min ago for my first triage, and what do I hear when I get out to the desk "by the way, your baby dumped." "Thanks, did anyone go in there to check on her?" "No." Thanks. I know everyone's busy, but I couldn't leave the room. I know there was at least 1 nurse sitting at the desk because she said she watched it! Anyway...

I think I almost have everything caught up by about 0545. My "ROL" is now complete and can't feel anything. The doc's updated and said to labor her down and she'll be in soon, everyone else is caught up and charted, both of my other patients are sleeping, so I got everything ready for the delivery. Deep breath in. PIH baby dumps again at 0630 right as day shift is walking in...

My 3 patients are split up between 2 day nurses...go figure. The one getting my antes wants to know why nothing's been done about the PIH baby. I have tried everything, everyone else has seen my strip and has no suggestions, I was even told "sometimes you just can't fix it." Get through report on the antes with the gal gonna deliver my "ROL" breathing down my back very upset that she's not delivered yet, right as the doctor walks around the corner.

I can only do so much people! I AM still new at this...the one thing that made me feel better was that the nurse taking my antes said "looks like you were spread a little thin last night." I figured that it was just me and that I was being a baby about it. She said "there's a time to learn and there's a time where someone needs to step in and help you when you need it." I felt like I needed it last night, that's for sure! I felt stranded and like none of the other nurse there really cared or wanted to help me. So I'm sure I forgot something, and I'm sure I got on a couple people's black list for not doing the right thing and making stupid decisions, but I'll get over it in time and learn from it and do better next time.

Thanks for listening to me rant and rave! I really do love my job still...I just hope my job still loves me...!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'll Take Call

I've never had a "call date" (being on-call for at least 6hrs on a night your scheduled to work...) and trust me, tonight was the perfect night for it. I kept thinking in my head on the way home from work this morning how I would 100% take the call option if they called and gave it to me tonight! After last night, I needed some time to think and just take some deep breaths.

I really didn't think that the whole shift last night effected me that much until I was writing about it this morning and bawling my eyes out...and then when I woke up from my nap this afternoon crying again after dreaming about it. I was feeling so guilty because I didn't shed a tear last night when everyone around me had lost it. I was really wondering why it wasn't getting to me when I knew it was a horrible situation and now I haven't been able to stop myself from tearing up every time I think about it since.

So after I decided in my head that I would take call tonight I got to thinking about the parents I bonded with last night...at least I felt I bonded with them. I wasn't there for the actual delivery, but I was the one who got to help them make the few memories that they will always have of their little boy. I was the one who got to help them make things to remember him. I didn't want to leave them without saying goodbye, and I hadn't had the heart to wake them up when I left this morning. So then part of me really didn't want to be on call tonight because I'm pretty sure they'll be gone by the time I go in tomorrow night.

My mom and I were out shopping pretty close to the hospital tonight, and I just felt inside that I had to do something to let them know that I was still thinking and praying about them. So I just got them a simple card. I didn't really know what to put inside, but I told them how lucky their little boy was to have them as parents, because even if he didn't get to grow up with them, they'll still always be his parents, and he'll still always be their little boy. I ran the card to them and left some candy with the poor nurses who didn't get the chance to be on call tonight. I don't know if it was the right thing to do, but when I went in and dad came over and gave me a bug hug and started crying again and just said thank you over and over again I about started crying too. I don't know how anyone could keep being thankful when your baby is gone forever, but they were.

So many people have told me how lucky I am to work in such a "happy place." I am, and I am reminded of that so often when I go to work and get to witness miracle after miracle. But then nights like last night happen and it's like a blow in the gut when it reminds me how the happiest place in the hospital can also be the saddest place in the hospital. Death is never a happy event, there seems to be some extra sting when it's a baby, and even more when that baby never even got a chance to live. It's nights like last night that remind me what it really means to be a nurse, and what it really means to support people and be there for people. I think sometimes as a L&D nurse I have a chance to make an even bigger impact on people at times like last night than I do when everything goes as planned.

This afternoon I dreamed that I was in heaven and all of a sudden a little boy ran up to me and threw his arms around me and said "Mommy, Daddy! This is her! This is the nurse who held me and helped take care of me and helped tell you that I loved you after I was born and didn't get the chance to tell you myself. She was the last one to hold me and rock me before they pulled up the covers." I don't know where that dream came from, but it some how shed a little bit happier light on the situation. I feel so honored to have been the one who got to help those two parents who never really got to know their son make some kind of memories with/of him before they told him goodbye. I got to be a part of that, and that's pretty special.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

When Life Just Isn't Fair

So I was on call tonight just long enough for me to change out of scrubs and head to a Christmas concert with my parents...then got called and told there had been a scheduling mis-hap and if I could please come to work. Ok, no big deal, that means time and a half for the first 6 hours. I figured (that's the last time I "figure" anything about this job!) that they would want me out of there ASAP since I was a call-back and making extra money. So...what do I walk into?

J met me in the lounge as I was putting my stuff under the counter and going to change and said "girl, get ready to cry your eyes out. You're walking into a sad situation." Great...what happened now. So over the next 2 hours as I piece the story together...G1 came in for a cervidil the night before, good pregnancy, no real problems, labored all day on Pit, good strip, got to complete, pushed and wouldn't descend, went to the back for a C/S...baby came out dead. Parents declined an autopsy, but from the x-rays the most popular theory is that it was a heart/lung problem and baby just couldn't transition. They coded the baby for 2 hours before they pronounced the time of death.

The baby was perfect. Completely perfect. I just don't understand. I've been thinking...I couldn't even really tell you what I did for the last 12 hours. I felt like the biggest jerk in the whole wide world every time I had to walk into that room because I didn't know what to say, and I felt like I was totally invading a completely personal/intimate moment every time that door squeaked open. When I had to take the baby for the NNP to draw blood for the genetic studies and then do the plaster hand molds I felt like I should be fired because I was the one taking the baby away. Why did it have to be me to take him away?

After about 0200 when Mom and Dad had said their goodbyes and all the pictures were taken and everyone had cried and it was time to take the baby to the morgue, I was the one who had to put him in his bassinet and cover his little face for the last time and I was the one who had to roll him out of the room away from his mom and dad. Carrying him down the back steps to the morgue and then standing in the hall waiting for the security guard to open the door. Then leaving him wrapped in a blanket on the cold shelf, all by himself. It's not fair!

They were expecting to take a very long awaited and prayed for Christmas baby home with them on Monday. Now they're taking nothing but some bloody blankets, some hats, a strand or two of hair taped on a piece of paper, and the Christmas stocking that goes in every bassinet during December. When they were taking pictures they had him dressed up in the most adorable outfit with his Christmas blanket in the stocking and mom said "We've been waiting to take pictures with the stocking for a long time."

When I was tucking Mom and Dad in for the night they said thank you for everything I did. I didn't do anything. Really, I felt like all I did was invade their privacy and take up time that they should have been spending with their baby. They were the most amazing couple I've seen in a long time. They were grieving the death of their first baby and they were thanking me? It's just not right. So many things tonight just weren't right.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

1/2 A Shift

So when I was at work Monday night I figured I would do my good "nursing duty" and sign up to be on-call from 1900-0100 last night (Wednesday night). There were already 6 nurses scheduled, and I don't remember the last time I heard them calling someone in from "off the door" where we sign up for extra shifts, so I really didn't think they'd use me.

I finished teaching piano lessons about 1700 and thought I would just call to see if they had an idea if they would need me or not...and the day charge nurse said "Come in!!" and sounded pretty desperate. So I dashed to the gym, only got in a 40 minute run and then jumped through the shower and went to work, and they really used me the whole 6 hours! I only had a cervidil, but everyone else was either doubled up or in the back doing sections, so I guess they really did need me! I guess the "ante" world hit today and there were 7 or 8 antes who were gonna be longterm or at least until they were seen by MDS tomorrow, plus a few cervidils and a c/s left over from day shift and that was enough for 7 nurses I guess! See if I ever feel it my "duty" to sign up for extra shifts again and not think they'll use me, ha!

But an extra 6 hours is an extra 6 hours and it makes up for going home early on Monday night. Now I get a day off and then work Friday/Saturday/Sunday, what a way to totally take up a weekend. But it's weekend pay, and then I work both Christmas day night and New Years Day night, so that will be some good $$ on the next pay check if it doesn't go to taxes. Good thing too, I need Christmas money!

Speaking of Christmas, we still don't have ANY Christmas stuff up and we us ally have 4 trees up between all of us in my house (mom's got a tree, then the 3 of us kids all have tree with 'our' ornaments on it...)! That's what happens when you get busy with programs and all the other Christmas stuff going on. But it's still kinda depressing and doesn't feel like Christmas yet. But I'm also wondering if it's even worth it at this point...

Babies today: 0...I'm getting sad that I haven't had a baby in awhile. I know we don't do as many deliveries on nights, but it's starting to make me sad!
Babies total: 28M/24F = 52
Vag:21M/21F = 42
C/S: 7M3F = 10

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Home Early!

Cervidils...cervidils...cervidils! But I survived my 2nd night of "unsupervised" nursing...and both my patients were breathing when I left! I was 1/2 expecting to get put on call, but I didn't...until 0315. I was the only person who hadn't had a "call" date yet, and the one person who wanted to go home had left about 2100, so I was the next one up when we only had a recovery and my 2 cervidils.

I was on call for 11 1/2 hours Sunday night, but they ended up sending people home that night too so I didn't have to go in. I'm signed up for call tomorrow from 1900-0100 and am crossing my fingers they really don't need 7 nurses! Then I work this weekend and I'm sure I'll be there for the duration of it, but that's ok...I need Christmas money!

Got some pretty snow today that started right after I got home, so I'm glad I got to drive home and miss it instead of driving home in the thick of it at 0700!

Babies today: 0
Babies total: 28M/24F = 52
Vag:21M/21F = 42
C/S: 7M3F = 10

Friday, December 12, 2008


So I went into work last night kinda sad that it was my last night on orientation, I even took brownies! Imagine my surprise when they told me I wasn't on orientation last night...I was just on my own and here's your patient that's 8cm. So, deep breath in, grab a pager and go. And guess what...I survived (and so did my patients!) :) The night went pretty good!

Really nice delivery about 2000, first baby, mom and dad were both super excited and fun to talk to and get to know. Everyone showed up on time (nursery included) and it was a fun birthday party! Got the recovery all done and Mom moved over to her postpartum room before my triage showed up, so I was pretty excited!

Triaged a R/O pre-term labor who was contracting, but not changing so vistaril'd her and sent her home before 0100.

Then sat on my behind until about 0625 when the C/S that was scheduled for 1400 showed up in labor. Now here's what I can't figure out...when I took the traige at midnight, and there were 3 of us sitting around with no patients, how is it my turn to take the next one who walks in the door? It wasn't that big of a deal, and I only left about 30min late after charting and doing all the admission for the gal, but I'm afraid that it's a sign of things to come...the new kid on the block gets dumped on because it's easy. That's gonna make for a not happy nurse if I get the short straw every time...but maybe I'm just tired!

Anyway, it was a good 1st night truly "on my own" and I don't have any horror stories to tell like some of them do about their first night off..but that's ok! And it was probably a good thing that I just walked in and found out it was my first night off instead of worrying about it the entire day before. I was proud of myself and the confidence is building. Let's hope I haven't jinxed myself for the next time I work...

Babies today: 1f
Babies total: 28M/24F = 52
Vag:21M/21F = 42
C/S: 7M3F = 10

Sunday, December 7, 2008

What A Weekend (Take 2)

Thank heaven for auto-save! I went to publish my post about my weekend and lost internet connection and thought I deleted it. I was about to just update my "baby stats" and leave it at that...but I found the saved completed draft :) Go Blogger!!!

What A Weekend!

Maybe it's because I hadn't worked for 8 days...but this weekend was an adventure! I loved having 8 days off, but I'm afraid it may have been a little too long, cuz all of a sudden 3 in a row seemed like a LOT!

Thursday night we did a cervidil that did nothing and ended up being cut Friday afternoon, and I also had a ROL that was a G7 who came in banging out contractions every 2 minutes that were off the chart. We watched her for the last 4 hours of the shift and she never changed, but was still contracting pretty regularly after fluids, vistaril, terb, and a morphine/phergan combo IM. But nobody wanted to send a term G7 home still contracting that often. I think they sent her home mid-morning on Friday.

Friday night was when it got interesting. I think every L&D unit has "codename patients" who are frequent fliers for a very LONG 9 months and everyone celebrates after they deliver :) It seems like some docs specialize in these kinds of patients too. Anyway, we have one doc in particular who is a WONDERFUL OB, but really seems to attract the "interesting" patients to his practice and they come in with all kinds of crazy histories and backgrounds. So this particular patient of his has been frequenting our unit for the last several months, very non-compliant with everything, tells the nurses how to run the show, asks for meds by name for symptoms (Can I have some zofran for my nausea? Seriously, what patient asks for zofran by name?) and is quite dramatic. Everyone on the unit knows her name. Non-compliant diabetic, multiple other health problems, on both oxycodone and oxycotin at home for pain, multiple positive drug screens, the works. She had a complicated history with several miscarriages and had lost several babies near-term. She had started dilating early on so she had a cerclage in but would still come in "in-labor" every few weeks. Anyway, the doc had checked her in the office and she was about 2cm around her cerclage so he sent her over to the hospital. He sat there and waited for 4 hrs and she never showed up, so he went to his Christmas party. Then she showed up...and we got her!

She screamed and moaned and had the worst looking strip I've ever seen. Seriously, a flat line. Flat, flat, flat, flat, flat. I looked at it again last night and it's one of the strips that makes you nauseous to look at. It looked like she was contracting a little, but a little difficult to monitor so not really sure. The doc said to give her morphine. We second-guessed that, but his comment was "if that kid's already flat, what's morphine going to do to it? It can't get flatter..." Did the morphine touch her, nope. Interesting that the urine screen came back positive for everything! Doc came back and checked her after his party and she was actually 6cm with her cerclage! He broke her water and it was the most disgusting mec I have ever seen. It didn't even look like mec fluid, just like pure meconium. All that at 35wks. Poor kid was super stressed out! So section and kid was in the NICU, had a .7 shift to the left by the time it was down to the unit and sugar dropped from 50 to 25 in a matter of minutes. Ouch.

I was pooped at 7am Saturday morning! Then got 5 hrs of sleep and went back last night. I had a delightful couple from out-of-states and did a really nice delivery about 0100. First vag delivery I've done in what seems like a very long time! Toss in a triage and I was ready to come home and SLEEP!

One more night of orientation this week then watch out out pregnant people, I'm on my own! I guess if I look at it, I've been flying almost solo for the last couple weeks anyway, but still, that last snip of the cord seems a little scary. One of the nurses told me something really good a few nights ago though, "you still have the same resources after you're off orientation. We're all still here, we'll still answer questions, you can still ask for help. Nothing really changes that much." That's a good thing to remember :)

Babies today: 1f/1m
Babies total: 28M/23F = 51 (50 is my first big milestone! Yea!)
Vag:21M/20F = 41
C/S: 7M3F = 10