Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cluster of Quiet Nights

It seems like I've worked a ton this week, even though I really don't think I have...I worked Christmas night, it was fretty quiet, but got kinda "clinic-y" since the offices were closed. Lot's of "I'm cramping after I've been up and going crazy the last few days" so lots of hydration, vistaril and home. I had one long term ante who's gonna be around for awhile r/t a complete previa. Gave her a colace, took some vitals and visited with her. Other than that...she slept all night. I did one or two triages too but they all ended up going home. Read through some good trivial prusit cards though!

Last night was a little busier, but still really, really "clinic-y" I started out with the same ante from the night before, sent another one home about 2000, then got a ROL about 2100 that was in labor (I suspect 8 hours of shopping gave her a pretty good start). She and her very supportive parents and FOB were really fun and nice. Since it was the middle of the night, the docs were pretty "non aggressive" and didn't want much done to "encourage the process" so she got to do (at least until I left) it all on her own, no pit, etc. She was doing good, never really did get into a "good contraction" pattern, she'd have a whole slew of them for an hour, then they would kinda disappear for a while. She didn't make great gang-busting change, even after she SROM'd. She'd gone from 3-5.5cm in about 6 hours, but had just gotten an epidural and really comfy. I called the doc to see if she wanted some pit since she was SROM'd and she so not yet, wait 'till 0700. When I went in and re-checked her before I started pit at 0650 she was 8-9! So I didn't start the pit. I wonder how it all turned out for her.

I'm starting to see day-shift a little differently now that I'm on nights. Never would have thought it when I worked days, but now I've decided I love the night crew. What a switch! I love walking into a blocked, foley'd, comfy, excited almost 9cm room when everything is ready, but I guess that's just me sometimes. One day I hope to give report to a nurse and not get the feeling from her that I totally forgot something and that I actually did do a good job of taking care of my patient for 12 hours!

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