Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy wth Antes

I really never thought I would never complain about an ante assignment...but tonight I didn't mind! I had 3 patients all night, but they all slept and I didn't break any of them, so that was ok by me. It made the night go a little slow, but after we had a 38week unknown IUFD walk in and deliver in 30 minutes it was a good thing there was a nurse to help take care of paperwork, etc. So I did a big part of my 2nd DIU in a short period of time. I hate those!

This one was really sad, she had been to the office early in the week, had good heart tones and then tonight there just weren't any. When the baby came out it was pretty obvious that he had been dead for several days just from how he looked. I really wonder if it's sunk in yet. Mom and Dad were making phone calls and seemed so unaffected by it. I don't think I saw either of them cry. I would have lost control. I worry about them when they get home. I know some people just don't show grief, or don't show it outwardly as much, but how can something like losing your first, maybe only child not shake you up a little more?

I get one night off, then back for two more. What a crummy schedule, but maybe I'll get some on-call hours one of those nights. Hmmm...

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  1. Numbness... I had that when I found out my 16 week baby had died in the womb. I just didn't cry, and in fact comforted the sonogram tech. When I got home, I fell apart as well I should have. I am sure this family will mourn. It was just shock I bet.