Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Feet Hurt

I think I need new shoes. My feet and legs are seriously killing me. They ache and just hurt! Maybe it's because I didn't really sit down for 12hrs, but I think new shoes are a big part of it. Anybody have any suggestions for some real "nursing shoes" vs tennis shoes? Where to get them, brands that you recommend and how much I can expect to pay for them?

Anyway, good shift back after a blessed 4 days off. I didn't get called at all to come in extra since last Sunday, and that's a good thing, I needed a break. I walked into what seemed like a cluster at 1830 last night, with a hurting IDDM whose sugars were dropping and of course it was shift change. Brother...but after her sugars got better and she didn't hurt so bad, she relaxed a little bit. I felt bad for her, first time mom, don't think she really had any idea what labor was really gonna be like and was hurting pretty bad and not changing. One of the first things she said to me was "they're like a 9/10. And I try to avoid all pain." Ok. Once someone told her that it was OK to get an epidural and that it didn't mean that she was a baby or not strong, she was more than happy to get one. I think a lot of women come in and think that if they have pain medicine or don't hurt during labor than they're not a very good mom, or a wus, or a wimp or they didn't really "do it." I feel bad for women who come in with that idea. We don't give out gold stars at kindergarten graduation to mom's who didn't have any pain meds in labor. It's your labor, so I'll help you do whatever you want. But if all you're going to remember from it is how bad you hurt and how hard it was that makes me sad. I want you to be able to look back and remember good things from it too.

Anyway, I felt bad b/c the kid started looking not-so-hot, and mom didn't change her cervix in 3 hours with more than adequate contractions, so off to a C/S we go. That's 2 c/s in a week for me, and I've survived both of them! That makes me happy, 'cuz I was nervous for a while that I'd forgotten how to do one. I remembered to shave BEFORE we got back to the OR this time. Yea for me! Kid ended up in the NICU b/c of sugar problems, not surprising.

I did 2 more triages and really was on my feet most of the shift. Now I'm more than happy to go to bed and sleep before I go back tonight. Hopefully I'll sleep better than I did yesterday...Any shoe suggestions would be gladly welcome! :)

Babies today: 1f
Babies total: 30M/26F = 57
Vag:22M/23F = 45
C/S: 8M4F = 12
Babies 'caught' = 1f


  1. My top two recommendations for shoes are Dansko clogs and Crocs. I've worked in L&D for 15 years, and greatly enjoy your blog, btw! I alternate between the Danskos and Crocs, a few days in one, then switch off to the other for a couple of days. I've tried nearly every shoe out there, and you know that your feet are so very important when you're running around that unit all night. Sore feet will impact your posture, meaning that your back and shoulders will hurt down the road as well.
    I'm very glad you're taking good care of yourself by looking into new shoes!

  2. My wife wears Dansko's exclusively, except when she's pregnant--then the Croc's come out.

    She also gets new shoes about every 6 months because they *do* wear out in that time and her knees start hurting her. Works out great because we donate her very cute "barely worn" shoes to goodwill and get the tax benefits there, as well as claiming the purchase of the new pair as a work expense...

  3. I truly enjoy your blog. I am a hopeful future nursing student. I am really passionate about labor and delivery, this is something I have wanted for about 10 years. I get nervous thinking about my first days, weeks or even years as a nurse. Your blog is wonderful for realizing that I wont ever be the only one thinking or living those things. You sound like a wonderful nurse. I hope to continue reading your blog and hope to soon be writing my own grad nurse experiences.

  4. I would have to say Dansko's as well. The Dankso brand of shoes have become my top choice after many years of working in the restaurant business and they stayed my top choice through nursing school. I really enjoy reading your blog, especially because I am a new grad nurse that will be starting in Labor & Delivery very soon! In my area there is a chain of stores that sell Dansko's and they even give a discount to people in the health field-you may want to look into something like that in your area. :)