Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Only The 1st of 3?

When at 1915 I wondered out loud if it really was only "7:15?" I knew it was gonna be a long night. My poor, sweet patient didn't speak english, but everyone was expecting her to deliver since she was 7cm at 1830. Well after 3 hours of pushing + vacuum, she delivered at 0240. I just got my new Dansko's yesterday, and wore them for the first time last night. After seriously being on my feet for all 12 hours, my feet are a little sore...those are high arch supports! But, I think they'll feel better tonight.

Anyway, it was just a rough night all around. Everyone seemed to come in a little on eggshells, they closed down our parking garage and turned it into "visitors/doctor" parking (so now I'm gonna have to scrape frost in the morning!). I realized AGAIN, what a difference working with "team players" can make and the importance of having SOMEONE open for triage. I pray that the new unit that we're working on has a triage/antepartum unit...and that I don't have to work it! Ha!'s over, everyone's still breathing, and I hope that everyone from night shift is at home and at least thinking about bed soon. Back for tonight and tomorrow. I'm taking brownies tonight, after last night, I think we ALL deserve it!

Babies today: 1f
Babies total: 33M/28F = 61
Vag:24M/24F = 48
C/S: 9M4F = 13
Babies 'caught' = 1f


  1. Every time I visit a hospital and see the scores of "doctor parking" spots right up front in the most convenient spots it makes me a little sick. If I were an MD, I'd be embarrassed to park there while families of patients had to walk past my car to get into the hospital.

    It's disrespectful and an archaic tradition. Docs should park with all the other employees and patients, their families, and visitors should get the up front parking.

  2. You don't have a dedicated triage nurse?

  3. No, no triage nurse :( It's the biggest shortcoming of our otherwise pretty "modern" unit. We have 18 labor rooms, 2 OR's and then a postpartum side plus NICU/Well Baby nursery. But any pregnant female more than 20wks gestation that walks through our doors comes to "laborland" whether it be for cramping @ 28wks, bleeding at 36wks, N/V @ 22wks, etc, etc. We have several "antes" that have been on our unit for 3-4wks waiting to deliver (previa's, SROM, etc).

    It's at times a little frusturating b/c we may be well staffed for the patients that are there at the time, but you never know when 3 rule-out-labors are going to walk through the door, and we can't say "hang on a minute." One advantage of being the newbie...staff's not my problem...I just deal with the results :)

  4. I've stumbled across your blog and am adding it to my favorites! I'm in nursing school currently (part-time, still working full time in dentistry), and L&D is my goal (for now!) Can I be all PITA and mention that the disclaimer for HIPAA (totally warranted!) is HIPAA, not HIPPA?

  5. Thanks Colleen...I just now fixed my HIPPA to HIPAA...I never think about what the letters stand for, just that it sounds kinda like hippo, and so I stuck the two P's in instead of the 2 A's...thanks for the heads up!