Monday, January 26, 2009

TMI...Just A Warning

The only thing worse than going to work when you don't feel good is going to work, getting nauseous, having to rush out of a patients room to puke and then coming home and puking all night.

I've been in bed all weekend and hadn't really thought it was anything more than a sinus infection. I never felt sick to my stomach, never felt anything more than just stuffed up with a sore throat. But as soon as I got to work...uh-oh. At least I just had a cervidil that was supposed to come in at 2000, so I seriously sat in a chair, drank 2 full water bottles and tried to focus really hard to get my nausea to go away. Seriously, I can take a stuffed nose and a sore throat, but if there's one thing that bothers me about being sick it's puking. I hate it with a P-A-S-S-I-O-N.

So luckily they were able to call someone else in and I feel like a horrible person because I left her with lots of things not done. I had a triage that I hadn't had a chance to chart on, and hadn't called the doc yet, and the cervidil was in the bathroom changing, wasn't even hooked up to a monitor, and didn't have a stitch of pre-admit paperwork done. And the ER floodgates were opening. I feel like a horrible team player and a horrible co-worker!

I thought I'd come home and feel fine and then feel dumb for leaving, but I've puked 3 times since I've been home and can totally empathize with those mom's in labor who can't eat anything but ice chips. My mouth is so dry, and all I want to do is chug about 5 glasses of water, but I know it will come right back up.

Of course this was supposed to be my first of 3-in-a-row, so we'll see if I go back tonight. I don't know how long I should wait to make that call, but if I don't feel like a totally new person in 12 hours, I'm calling in sick.


  1. Well, you could look at it like, "What sort of 'team player' would you be if you stayed and got all of your team sick?"

    I think you made the right choice! :-)


  2. Ugh, vomitting is no fun. Better to be at home than have a new mom get sick with the same virus. I hope you feel better soon!