Sunday, February 8, 2009

3rd of 3

I feel like I've actually been a labor and delivery nurse this weekend! Overall it's been a great weekend and that makes me love my job...but still be excited for 2 days off before another set of 3-in-a-row.

I took over J's patient last night, we were heading back for a repeat C/S after she made cervical change. It's weird getting report FROM J instead of WITH her, but I know that there won't be a bunch of stuff that I have to do or stuff she forgot when I take her patients. I do really miss working with her though :(

Anyway, so great repeat C/S. Mom was a nurse at another hospital and she pretty much fit the bill for being the perfect patient. She never complained about anything, she knew what she wanted and needed and was super engaging with everyone involved. Everything went smoothly and she enjoyed the experience, which meant everyone else did too.

15minutes after I walked out of my section recovery we had a R/O SROM come in and it turned out to be the same lady from the marketing department who filmed the promotion video that I was in on Friday. We had talked quite a while during our 2-hr filming session and she said she was postdates and was scheduled for an induction on Tuesday and was just waiting to go into labor on her own before then. When she walked in she said "I thought I might see you this weekend..." She had a great labor, got to rest with her epidural and then had an 9# baby! For as tiny as she was, we were all impressed with a 9# baby and only a 2nd degree tear! Yea for her!

I'll take a shift like last night anytime. Steady but not crazy. Never crazy. Yea for 2 nights off, then another set of 3. We had an excellent crew this weekend, we should work that group of people again :)

Babies today: 1f1m
Babies total: 36M/31F = 67
Vag:26M/26F = 52
C/S: 10M5F = 15
Babies 'caught' = 1f

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