Friday, March 20, 2009

Back to Work

So my 8-days-off turned into 5-days-off, but that was OK. I was super busy, seems like I had something going on every day while I was off! I was actually a little excited to go back to work last night, we'll see if that excitement can take me through the next 9 shifts!

While I was off a group of us "night-girls" got together and went out to eat. One of the laborist docs came with us too. It was so much fun to get together OUTSIDE of work and not be just gathered around monitor strips, someone having to jump up in the middle of a conversation, etc, etc. Of course work was all we talked about, but it was different. It was great fun, and I'm looking forward to the next time we can all get together.

I had antes last night, I didn't mind, they all behaved themselves. I started out with 3, sent one home after a little hassle and spent some good time chit-chatting with the other ones. The one gal has been there for the last month "growing" her babies. I'd be ready to go home too after being in the hospital for a month! Sheesh! She's so compliant though, she really wants to do whatever she can to help those kiddo's. I wish she could give a pep talk to some of these mom's who are ready to give up at 30wks of being pregnant and who don't want the hassle of being in the hospital or on bedrest, etc. She should write a book!

So this was night #1 out of the first set out of 3 of 3 nights in a row. Let's hope they can all go down like last night did. That would be amazing!

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