Monday, March 23, 2009

March Madness in Baby Land

So I worked Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights and was planning on enjoying 2 whole nights off before my next set of three. I slept really well yesterday afternoon, got up about 1730, took the dog for a 6mile run then was doing laundry and just relaxing in front of the TV. I love to watch PBR bull riding, so I was just finishing up round two from the weekend about midnight. I took out my contacts and climbed into bed...ah, sweet sleep! And then my phone rang...seriously?!

So into work I went, and left about 9am this morning. It really did get crazy last night, it was a good thing I went in. I thought right at the beginning that they might send me home after my obligated 2 hours, but then the flood gates opened. I took a SROM about 0200 and then I was set for the night, got her blocked, comfy, etc. Meanwhile the madness kept happening. We had a mom walk in with 3 beats of clonus, horrible super reflexive, etc. I swear, we're continuing our PIH special! This was the kind of girl we were all waiting to run down the hall when she seized. Then about 0545 in walks a mom...complete. For being complete shews totally OK, just a little grouchy (I would be too at 0545 when I was hurting!). She made the comment, "I don't want an epidural." That's good hun, because you don't have time for one!

When day shift came on we seriously did not have an empty room, we had 12 labor patients and I think all the day shift nurses were doubled up with inductions or labors. I made the "mistake" of re-checking my girl that I had just started pit on and she was complete at 0655. I didn't have the heart to leave a day nurse with an induction and a complete patient, especially since I really liked my patient! So I hung around, did her FANTASTIC delivery (she pushed 3 times and was intact) and left around 9.

I got all warm and fuzzy this morning when my patient said "My friend delivered here a few months ago and when I told her you were my nurse she said "she was my nurse too! You have a good one!" " heart went pitter-pat! She remembered me and liked me enough to tell her friend I was a good nurse! Yea!

I put "no" next to my name for tonight, I can't do 8 in a row, and I still have to work my 3 this week, Tues, Wed, Thurs. I will admit that we had a great crew there last night, so that made it all the better. I love going into work when there's a fun group of nurses!

Babies today: 1m
Babies total: 39M/38F = 77
Vag:29M/30F = 59
C/S: 10M8F = 18
Babies 'caught' = 1f

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