Thursday, April 16, 2009

2 Babies, More Mag, 1 More Night

So after my melt-down post yesterday...I had a mag gal who had been cervidil'd X2, pit all day yesterday and was 5. Then she was complete at 1915 and we had a baby by 2030! Yea! But then again, the baby was only 4#3, so I would HOPE it didn't take too long to push out! Seriously though, more mag? I think at last count (after starting someone else last night) we have 5 patients on mag. That's insane!

Our manager was in helping us 'till 0300 this morning and we had a little chat about an antepartum unit...and those of us from last night NEVER having to work it! Sure, a load of easy ante's is kinda nice every once in a while, but all these pre-terms, mags, etc are too much! I was talking to J on the way home this morning after we called a rapid response on her delivery from last night and she mentioned how nothing was every "low-risk" anymore. Every delivery has some complication or the mom is some kind of sick. Must be something in the water...

So after I got my mag patient all settled down I got a ROL (because I happend to be the only nurse standing at the desk when she walked in) that I got started...and ended up keeping. I've given up waiting for someone to tell me that it's my turn to take a patient. Someone has to take a patient when she walks in, and I seem to be the one standing there most often, so I might as well do it. I feel so bad when these patients walk in and everyone's saying why they shouldn't be the next one up for triage.

So getting her started, still trying to recover my post-partum mag, and trying to beat the computer before it went down for 3 hours for updates...I was scrambling just a little bit. The IA finally said "can someone please help her get her patient started so she can chart?!" Thank goodness for the IA standing up for me! Then everyone was great and helped get an IV, etc, etc.

She delivered unblocked for me at 0630 this morning. G5P4, straight OP, >8#...and intact! Go her! Honestly this is the first un-blocked delivery that I think I've ever done "on my own." I almost caught the kid too, there's not stopping those unblocked mom's from pushing once their complete! The doc just happened to be at the desk watching the strip and walked in just at the right time! Thank goodness...I didn't need that at 0630!

So now it's too bed, then back for yet another playtime in Magland. Sheesh!!

Babies today: 2f
Babies total: 41M/44F = 85
Vag:30M/34F = 64
C/S: 11M10F = 21
Babies 'caught' = 1f

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