Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Seriously, I have had some sick patients lately! My PIH friend from early yesterday morning that I thought we should deliver ASAP...platelets dropped to 50, livers into the 800's, never got past 2cm. :( Section in the afternoon, then I got to take care of her last night. She felt so much better after she got delivered and her baby is ADORABLE!!!

6hrs postpartum I got a couple quarter sized clots out, increased her main line with some pit in it and hoped they'd go away. Then 45min later, I got a fist sized clot out. 800mcg of rectal cytotec fixed more bleeding!!! Glad we got the bleeding stopped while we could, her platelets were 40 at midnight. Sheesh!

She was a tough IV stick b/c of all her swelling, and so they had put in a 2nd IV in before surgery yesterday. We could use it to draw labs off of...oh my goodness. I think all mag patients should have an extra IV to draw labs off of. It was AMAZING! No searching for a vein, no digging, no extra needles...just pulling off blood into a syringe and then transferring to the vac-containers. I'll do that ANY day!

I'm going on a baby dry-streak again. Time to fix that!!

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