Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Party for 3

Ok, hold the phone...last night...there were THREE nurses on L&D...ALL NIGHT LONG!!! I was a little nervous about it, combined, the 3 of us have about 4 years of experience, two of us are '08 grads, the other an '07 grad. Not that we're not capable nurses...but I know there's lots of stuff I've NEVER done, and if some train wreck walked in we'd be in deep meconium! But...the night was great!

I sent a triage home, there were 3 antes, I took a SROM, there was a cervidil, then after my delivery we had 2 ROL's walk in and then we had the 0730 C/S to get ready, but together we got it done! We were all pretty proud of ourselves. We had 4 nurses at home on call, so that made us feel a lot better, but we didn't' need them! When we were leaving this morning I kept looking around wondering where all the night shift people were...and then remembered that there were only 3 of us!

My delivery last night was a little crazy, she was a multip, SROM, started some pit, got a block, the doc came in when the patient was about 7cm and then hung out in the break room. When the patient was about 9cm and feeling "pushy", the doctor got a call that she'd just had a patient walk in compete and +2 station at a different hospital. What to do? Does she leave my patient and rush and TRY to make the other delivery (that she probably won't make...) and end up probably missing both deliveries, or does she stay with my patient and just tell them to deal with the other patient since she won't make it anyways?

She decided to dash to the other hospital, which ended up being OK. I guess the other patient really wasn't complete, she was only 7cm with a bulging bag, then when her water broke the nurse didn't check her again, thinking she would just be complete. So the doctor made the delivery, which in her words was "poop filled" and then headed back to my hospital. We had our laborist (24-hr in-house OB doc) sitting at the desk ready to catch my baby. I figured it wouldn't take too long, but my gal was 9.5 cm with a lip for a good 45 minutes, with the kid sky high in the pelvis. So we just kinda stood around and waited. She was finally complete about the time her doc got back. So yeah for the doc who made BOTH deliveries, and who told me afterwards that my delivery was 100X smoother than the other one :)

After work I ran from the hospital to the school my mom works at. It's only 5.5 miles, but it has the worst hills EVER!!! I did it in under 44minutes though, after 3 12-hour shifts...

When I woke up this afternoon I was/am exhausted, can't wait to turn out the lights, go to bed and not go back to work 'till Monday!!

Babies today: 1m
Babies total: 43M/44F = 87
Vag:32M/34F = 66
C/S: 11M10F = 21
Babies 'caught' = 1f1/2m

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  1. Way to go, Doc! I can't believe she made both births.