Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Night...Another Lesson Tuesday night I learned that I should stand up to doctors when I want something or think something should be done for my patient. Last night I learned that it's probably better to call the doctors TOO often than not enough...and to go with my gut feeling instead of listening to what other people are "suggesting" even if they may have tons more experience and their opinions make you feel better about the situation at the time.

My strip turned to @(#^ last night, and after one run-in with the doc earlier in the evening I wasn't too excited about calling her back and asking for her to come back in to assess it. I had one nurse saying "ya...maybe you should call" and another nurse who has worked there WAY longer than any of the rest of us saying " doesn't look that bad. If it was bad you'd be doing something about it not just sitting here watching it." I didn't call 'till the patient was almost complete, then the doc came in and I got the very "subtle" feeling that she wasn't too happy with me, and we ended up in the OR.

The baby came out fine, Mom was great, but I get the feeling that I'm just going down the list of doctors and one by one losing their trust...not that I ever really had it in the first place. It's so hard being new and trying to figure out all the doctors. It's worse than a soap opera because everyone likes things done just a little different...and you know you're gonna do it wrong. I think the one thing that I want most as a nurse is to have the doctors hear your name or hear your voice on the phone and have the credibility for them to listen to what you're saying. For the first thing that flashes through their minds NOT to be : "why is she taking care of my patient? I hope she doesn't totally screw it up" or "can I really believe what she's saying?" or to have them worried about their patient because they know I'm the nurse. I've never once had a doctor tell me "hey, that was a good call" or "thank you for calling me when you did" or "you made the right decision" instead it's "why didn't you call sooner" or "why are you calling me now?" or "why hasn't this been already done?" or "why did you do that?"

On our way back to the OR this morning, and hearing the doctor talking to the other doctor assisting her saying "did you see the strip? why didn't she call? this never should have happened." I totally, 100% understood why one of the new nurses to OB just quit. I totally understood...

Babies today: 1m
Babies total: 46M/48F = 94
Vag:34M/38F = 72
C/S: 12M10F = 22
Babies 'caught' = 1f1/2m


  1. Chin up!! You're right, it IS like a soap opera. Some doctors want to be called for EVERY. LITTLE. THING. others don't want to be called unless the kid's in the 60's for 10 minutes or at a +3 station for delivery. I've just now been doing this for 18 months and finally starting to feel like I know what's going on. How long have you been at this now?? I hear anything from 2-3 years to feel comfortable. Especially as a new nurse! Keep it up, you actually care about your patients, the skill and all that will come with practice!

  2. Awww, definitely don't quit like the other new nurse did. You'll get into the groove of things. Thankfully it wasn't a dire mistake and you have learned from it!