Monday, May 11, 2009

Bike Crash more story from my "non-work related life."

Beautiful day today, so I decided to go for a bike ride instead of the running I was planning to do. There's a great trail just down the road that's about 24-miles round trip from end to end, so I thought it would be a great day to ride it. Set out, it's beautiful! About 5 miles into the ride there's a small hill on the trail that got wiped out in a flood a few years ago and they've never totally finished it, it's still gravel and torn up trail pieces. It's normally no big deal, but today my tire caught on it "just so."

I skidded to a stop on my elbows and knees and the first thought I had was "it's gonna be a sore ride home from here." I've whipped out numerous times before (running, rollerblading, etc.) and I usually pick myself up and head back, 'cuz how else am I supposed to get there? Anyway, as soon as I got up everything hurt, especially my L elbow. My first hope is "I really hope my elbow's not broken...I gotta go back to work on Thursday!" A very nice older couple about 50ft ahead of me had heard me crash and they turned around to make sure I was OK. I told them "I'm fine!" at the same time thinking "Ok, maybe I'll just have my dad come and get me..." I whipped my phone out of my shirt (I had no other pockets...where else was I supposed to put it?!), walked my bike over to the edge of the trail and called my dad.

I got out "Dad, can you come pick me up at X access point on the trail..." and that was about all I clearly remember. I remember bits and pieces...the couple helping me sit down; my dad saying "where are you again?"; feeling really dizzy; not being able to focus; feeling my head go side to side; thinking "Come on BirthdayNurse, just open your eyes and focus!"; thinking my knees really hurt and hearing my phone ring again but not knowing how to answer it; the woman asking me my Dad's phone number and having to think really, really hard about what it was, and then not even being sure that I said it out loud.

The couple called 9-1-1, even though I kept saying I didn't need it. About 5-7minutes (from what they told me) I finally snapped back into it and was OK. About that time my dad and sister got there...along with 2 cop cars, a fire truck, an ambulance and the park rangers. They checked me out, cleaned up my road rash, had me sign a HIPPA form (first time I've been the signee of one of those...) found out I was a nurse, asked me if I wanted to go to the ER (I said absolutely not) and said thank goodness I was wearing a helmet!

Next time I'm gonna do it up good and deserve an ambulance ride! Good thing I don't have to go to work 'till Thursday, I'm best friends with the Advil bottle at this point. I had forgotten how many nerves are effected scraping off that top layer of skin!!

Top "owie" on my L knee

L elbow/forearm
(this is the one that's obnoxious!)

R wrist

Both arms


  1. Ouch! Good thing you had your helmet on!!! I'm glad you are okay!

  2. YOW! Is the road ok??!

    Happy healing to you!

  3. So glad your a helmet wearer! Happy recovery...and maybe you can take a day off, you're gonna be sore!