Thursday, June 25, 2009

Babies Anyone?

Needless to say, it's been beyond crazy at work. I somehow managed to slip by on-call for part of my shift Friday night, I couldn't believe it! Then the calls started coming...

Saturday night...sorry I have a wedding Sunday morning!
Sunday... the manager of the entire Women's & Children's department called...twice!...sorry, I've got a bridesmaid dress on and I'm getting ready to march down the aisle!
Monday...just got off a mower after 5 hrs in 100 degree heat.
Tuesday... I was scheduled to work, and sure enough it was crazy. Somehow we've only had like 3 or 4 nurses scheduled every night, to cover an completely full board. We had more nurses there on time and a half pay than we did straight pay Tuesday night! I delivered a girl on mag about 2100, and as I walk out of that delivery with pressures of 160's/100's I get a page that there's a cervidil coming that I need to take. Since when is an unstable mag patient not 1-to-1? Whatever works I guess...
Wednesday...crazy again! I had one laboring patient and triage. Isn't that my favorite hat to wear? But it turned out not so bad. The labor patient I got at shift change was an SROM from early in the day who hadn't really gotten into any kind of labor pattern, and was stuck at about 2cm. I got report on her, got a quick triage about 1930 and had her gone before an hour was up. Then as I'm wrapping up the traige walks in another rule out SROM...who was very SROM'd. So I got her started, got both patients blocked, got my first patient an IUPC and a AROM of her forbag and attempted to tuck them both in to sleep.

About the time I started trying to chart my every 15minute heart tones on both patients since 1900, my 2nd SROM girl started having variables, so I went in to check her and flip her. She was almost I called the doc. That was my first mistake....I guess I thought going from 3-9.5 in an hour was impressive so I thought I should update the doctor. I guess I should have waited until she was complete and ready to deliver! The doctor came in and was upset that we weren't pushing yet! Um...first baby, she wasn't even quite complete. All I really wanted was for her to come and sleep and be there for delivery. Heck, she didn't even have to come yet! I just wanted her to know that we went from 3-9.5 in an hour! So the doc set my room up, rush, rush, rush, stood in there and pushed with us for an hour! I felt like a retard, totally useless, there were several implications made that maybe I wasn't the best nurse and that I clearly didn't know how to do my job. I felt like I had never done a delivery before! That will teach me to call before I should...

Half way through pushing with that patient, my other patient had several impressive variables so another nurse went in to check her and she was 7-8. Nice! So I finished my first delivery, checked my other girl, she was complete, tried to give report to a M/B nurse about my first patient so I could go push with my second but couldn't ever find the M/B nurse so I was an hour into my recovery before I could actually focus on my patient who was complete. Then my doc calls and says he's across town getting ready to head into surgery and he'll be another 45min-1hr before he's there. Ok...

Long story short, everything went great, she had a fantastic delivery. I had never done a delivery with that particular doctor and I loved him! He was great! Great bedside manner, very personable, calm, cool, collected. He knew his stuff and was great at explaining everything to the patient. He came up to me afterwards and said thank you for all my help, that I did a great job and that he wishes more of his patients came to our hospital. Total opposite experience from 1st delivery!

I haven't done 2 vag deliveries in one shift in a long time. I didn't realize until after I was leaving that I hadn't really sat down all night except to chart and that I was a little hungry! Oh well, the price I pay for loving my job and getting 2 babies in one shift! One of each none the less. It was kinda cool, neither couple knew the sex of their baby before delivery, so after the first one was a girl I told the second couple that they needed to have a boy so that I could have one of each on my shift, and they did!

2 shifts so far this week...3 babies, not bad!!

Babies today: 1f...1f/1m
Babies total: 51M/53F = 104
Vag:39M/41F = 80
C/S: 12M12F = 24
Babies 'caught' = 1f1/2m


  1. Yay for babies! I'm glad the second delivery was a lot more pleasant for you!!!

  2. I love to read your blog, I am a student nurse about to enter my final two semesters...i swoon at your job, you are living the dream girl!