Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dreading the Next 2 Weeks

They called me to work extra tonight in the middle of the afternoon...I told them that I am NOT super nurse and I can't work 8 nights in a row! Sigh...

The rest of the weekend was as crazy as Thursday night, only with less staff. We all ran our butts off! I had really nice deliveries both nights, so that was at least worth it. My girl on Friday night pushed 2 1/2 times...I'm glad the doctor came as soon as I paged her or she would have missed it!! Baby came out with a nuchal and was a little floppy, but pinked up pretty quick once he got moving.

Saturday night was just one of those nights that I got the triage crown and as soon as I would send someone home another would walk in the door. I did 7 admission data bases (the ump-teen screen computer form we have to fill out for everyone)...that is TOO many! I did get a nice delivery out of the night, so that was good. I felt sorry for Mom, it was her 2nd baby, she precipted with her 1st baby, and almost did with this one...thank goodness for nice strong BOW! She walked in 8cm, with that bulging bag and was in total control .We all flew, got an IV in, bolused her, she wanted a block, called the doc, etc. I knew as soon as that bag broke we'd have a baby, but it stayed in tact. When the doctor checked her she said the same thing and gave Mom the choice of trying to get an epidural or going ahead, doing an AROM and just having a baby. Mom thought about it and decided she wanted the block .We talked with anesthesia and we all decided that it would be best to do a spinal that would work faster and longer. Well...I don't think anything is going to give you much relief at 8cm, and even after the spinal was in she didn't get any relief. She decided to go ahead and AROM and we had a baby in about 3 pushes, but I still felt bad for Mom. She wanted that epidural so bad! She said afterwards "I guess my kids just don't want me to have drugs!" We told her to just come hang out at the hospital when she was about 8 1/2 months pregnant and then we'd get her a block!

The doctor who did her delivery is very pregnant (it was her last on-call shift before her induction) and I really thought she was going to pass out in the delivery. When Mom pushed it was the most "excrement" that I've ever seen during a delivery. It doesn't usually bother me, but the doctor got kind white and I wasn't sure she was going to make it...but she did!

They called me in last night to work extra. It was a mess...no empty rooms again. I sent one triage home, then got another one that was a repeat C/S scheduled for later this week. She was contracting every 10-15 minutes and talking through them very easily. She was off the bed when I checked her and was very upset that she hadn't changed her cervix in an hour. She didn't understand why the doctor wouldn't come in and do the C/S now when she was having contractions that hurt when if it had been Thursday morning and she hadn't been having contractions she would have the baby anyway. We went round and round, I gave her some vistaril and tried to give her a fluid bolus, but after missing an IV on a thrashing hand she decided to just go home and "suffer through contractions" since we weren't going to do anything else and left in tears. I hope her contractions stopped...and I'm sure my name is now down for a NOT THIS NURSE request for her c/s later this week...

I left about 4am, after it had sort of calmed down...but then I guess it got crazy again. One nurse last night did a C/S on 33wk twins while I was there and then I guess got a set of 27wk twins after I left that they did an emergency section on about shift change as another one was precipting in the bed. I told her 4 babies in one night wasn't too shabby...!

Slept most of the day today since last night messed me up and I hadn't had much sleep before that. Now it's 2am and I can't sleep, and I have to work the next 3 nights. Surprise, surprise. These next 2 weeks are totally messed up schedule wise because of the fetal monitoring class I have to take. Add a wedding and a bachelorette party in the mix that I'm in charge of and I think I might not be sleeping much for the next several weeks!!!

Babies today: 2m
Babies total: 48M/49F = 97
Vag:36M/38F = 74
C/S: 12M11F = 23
Babies 'caught' = 1f1/2m

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  1. Well all I can say about the repeat C/S is... doesn't she realize that the OR isn't open "on demand"? And that labor pains DO hurt? Sorry, little vent of my own. Sorry she's putting the blame on you when you had no control over the situation.