Saturday, July 4, 2009


I could sum up this last week in 1 word: CRAZY!! be fair, I'll post about each day. Since it's Saturday now (and this recaps Monday through Friday) I may be minus a few details...but all my numbers are correct!

Monday night started the ball rolling. I took report on a very nice patient from one of the day shift nurses. The patient was a multip already in labor, already had an epidural and was comfortable. So it was the waiting game on her. She labored very nicely.

About 1930 I took a triage who came in contracting, it was her 4th baby. She was in great control, but was ready for an epidural ASAP, so I got her blocked, comfy and then sat down to chart. Meanwhile, my 1st patient was starting to have a few variables, so I went to check her and she was complete. I set her up and we only pushed a few time, called the doc in and had a very nice delivery! I came out of her delivery, stuck my head in to check on my 2nd patient and she mentioned she was feeling a little bit of pressure. Sure enough, she was complete. So I somehow managed to hand off my 1/2 way done recovery to another nurse and went to my other delivery. She pushed about 2 times, we called the doc and had another great delivery. I check the times and it was 1hr and 5min apart from my 1st delivery. Nice work for before midnight :)

The doctor for my 2nd delivery can more often than not be a little difficult to get along with, even though I've never had any troubles with her at all. We had a great delivery, she was very chatty, happy and sociable the whole time. When I came out to the desk afterwards, one of the other nurses said "whatever you did to get on her good side, don't get off of it!" I don't know what I did either...

As I was sitting down to chart my admission database on my 2nd delivery patient (who said that admission stuff has to be done BEFORE the baby comes out?!), I head a blood curdling scream from a room and any labor nurse knows the sound of "the baby's coming" scream and that was for sure it. I dashed into the room, threw the cover off the delivery cart and sure enough under the sheets there was a head full of dark hair crowning up nicely. The actual nurse was standing at the bedside holding the sheets up looking slightly panicked (I don't blame her!) I grabbed the top pair of gloves off the delivery cart, reached down and caught the baby just before the laborist walked in. Baby went to mom's tummy, cord clamped and cut and I let the doctor take over. Hey, a TOTAL step up from the last baby I least I had on gloves, and I didn't get anything on my scrubs! It was a slightly awkward angle to catch a baby since I was standing behind mom, but whatever works I guess...

What a way to start a week. All girls! And chalk another baby up that I've caught :) I'll take one of those ANY day!! Counting the 2 babies I had + the one I caught we had 322 babies in June! That's alot!

Babies today: 3f
Babies total: 53M/56F = 109
Vag:41M/44F = 82
C/S: 12M12F = 24
Babies 'caught' = 2f0.5m

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