Thursday, July 16, 2009


Well, I guess this is technically talking about LAST Tuesday...shows what my life has been like! I went in at 1730 for J so she could go to a party, and so I took her c/s recovery. I had admitted the girl the night before...just a little on the high-drama side of the scale. I finished her recovery and the anesthesiologist wanted to keep her on L&D overnight with hourly vital signs re: some panic attack issues on the OR table (we don't ask questions...we just follow orders...). So I was set to take her for the night, then they tell me that actually, I'm going to give report on my post-op and go take a full team on Mom/Baby for the night. Come again?

So...wait 'till 1900, give report to ANOTHER labor nurse to take my recovery back out to the floor, then hightail it over to Mom/Baby to get report on my team of postpartums and babies. I'm already flustered b/c I'm running behind schedule and that threw my whole night off.

Here's the kicker that made me mad...I asked if there was any chance that they would call me back over to L&D during the night and they said no. They would call in L&D nurses for X1 1/2 and leave me on postpartum. This is turning into an issue for me. I don't mind floating if I need to, and I did it and whatever. But I still don't understand how it is our problem if mom/baby nurses don't want to come to work. I don't see how the river only flows one way. L&D nurses can cover for mom/baby and SOME mom/baby nurses can do feeder grower in the the NICU. But NICU can only do NICU, and nobody from anywhere else would dare touch a still pregnant mom except for us. So who gets shorted in the end? And yet who's problem is it to fill in for all the other unit's being short? Whatever...

But I survived, did a little breastfeeding 1-on-1 and grew more thankful that my REAL job is one that I LOVE and that I don't have to settle for something I can just tolerate. And I proved to myself that I CAN handle a postpartum team and leave with everyone breathing at the end of the shift...I do feel lonely over there without my group of nurses. It's even weird if I have to go back over for something...I feel very alienated, and it's obvious I'm not "a part of them" that night. Hmmm...something to think about!

So kudos to all you postpartum nurses out there! THANK YOU for all you do and for doing it so I don't have to!!! :D

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