Saturday, December 19, 2009


What an interesting beginning to my week. One that I wasn't too happy about...until after the shift was over and I took time to think about it.

We're one of the only hospitals in the city that has a psych unit (and it stays pretty busy!) For the last several weeks they've had a pregnant woman upstairs who came in with suicidal intentions (she wanted to cut her baby out). So they've been doing NST's etc on her and had just done an amnio and schedule her for an induction. Well, lo and behold, the same day she was scheduled for a cervidil, her water broke. So down to our unit she came. Her and her 1:1 status.

When I got there she had just gotten admitted and started. She was on pit and planning to go unblocked. So I settled down in my hard wooden chair for a very long night. When the FOB decided to come up to see her (one of many social problems) she decided to get an epidural to make him happy, and proceeded to progress nicely. She was a super pusher and let's just say there was some serious "counter pressure" waiting for the doc to come. Note to docs sleeping in the lounge: if you're going to sleep, please make sure the phone is on so we can get you when we need you!

When I left in the morning, I had left that room a grand total of 3 times. Once to pee, once to shove some food in my mouth and once to page the doctor. I felt rather helpless not even being able to go get zofran on my own. I felt even worse b/c I knew the rest of the girls were dying with people walking in and staying, but I couldn't do anything to help!

Afterwards, when I really got to thinking about it, it was a pretty cool experience. Being able to be there, at the bedside, and not knowing I was next up for triage, or knowing that I had other patients to take care of, but being able to focus on one woman, her labor and her experience. I would do it again. If only our staffing would allow for that...

Babies today: 1f
Babies total: 68M/86F = 154
Vag:52M/66F = 118
C/S: 16M20F = 36
Babies 'caught' = 2f0.5m


  1. I guess I should consider myself lucky. Every L&D I've worked at in two states have been 1:1 for active labors.

  2. So did she end up getting to keep her baby or was CPS called?