Friday, January 1, 2010

End of A Decade

And how did we finish the last week of the year?! Like crazy nurses at work! Our "goal" to beat a yearly record of babies was to deliver 315 this month. Because of the holidays we were a few behind, but I think this last week we went crazy and ended up at 300. I worked Christmas night...and the next 3. Christmas night was super slow, we were in the middle of a huge snow storm. I sat for 8hrs without a patient! It was pretty amazing :) We sat around and made no-bake cookies in the lounge and had some good laughs.

The next 3 nights...were not so laid-back and relaxed. We had like 19-20 babies every day, there were a bazillion inductions/c-sections scheduled and we kept hoppin'! I had a good delivery each night, did my first c/s with the new (kick me!) charting system and survived :) We all learned a valuable lesson about not opening our mouth about our shift being over and took a crash c/s back at 0643 at change of shift. Craziness!!

Ready to see what another year brings! How many babies, how many new experiencs, how many more things I can learn!! I feel like a totally different nurse than I did last year, and that's a good thing :)

Babies today: 3f/4m
Babies total: 72M/88F = 160
Vag:55M/68F = 123
C/S: 17M20F = 37
Babies 'caught' = 2f0.5m


  1. Do you do the countdown at the end of your shift? I find myself doing that sometimes. 4 hours to go. 3 hours to go. 2 hrs to go. 1 hour until night shift is here. 15 minutes.......time to go!!

  2. Are you okay? You are missed!