Saturday, May 22, 2010

Birthday Twins!

Every year (all 2 so far..._ that I've been a nurse I've worked on my birthday. Last night it was the night of my birthday, this year it was supposed to be both ends. Everyone thinks I'm nuts for doing it, but I personally think that it's kinda fun! I've gotten birthday twins both times, and that's fun for me!!

This year I looked like a slight idiot doing it, but it all worked out OK. I had a triage come in for bleeding and she sure wasn't bleeding, and she was contracting every 7min, SVE unchanged from the office earlier in the week, cervix way posterior and she said she wouldn't have come in except for the "bleeding." I sent her home with some vistaril after I told the doctor "she's not bleeding or laboring." She was back 1hr later, contracting every 2-3min and 3-4cm. Chalk one up to my great triage skills!!! Oh well....she delivered a few hours later, blocked and comfortable, girl #3 with 2 pushes! We almost had extra people at our birthday party after I picked up the phone and accidentally switched 2 numbers in the doctor's sleep room and asked the friendly lab tech to come to my delivery. Oops...

Almost at 200 babies! I was hoping to hit #200 before midnight on my birthday but I got put on call. Good thing I picked up a couple extra shifts last weekend!

Babies today: 1m/1f
Babies total: 93M/106F = 199
Vag:70M/80F = 150
C/S: 24M25F = 49
Babies 'caught' = 2f1.5m

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Catching Babies!!

I must say....I've been waiting to catch a baby for a long time now! It's been almost a year since I've caught a baby! Yet another reason I love unblocked multips with no doc in house :) Yay!! I have yet to catch a nice, normal controlled delivery, all my babies just shoot out at me. And once again, one glove on and one glove off. I guess it's my signature :)

Shift change, I had just gotten report. Grand multip, unblocked, on pit, ruptured. The doc had just called, she was 5cm and he said to call him when we were ready. I checked her about 20min later and she was 6cm. I stuck a warmer in my room and put a delivery table outside my door just to be ready. Someone else delivered and needed a gelpie, so I went in to help them look for one. I got back to my room and my Mom said "I gotta puke..." I put on a glove, sure enough, there was the head. I grabbed the phone and called the laborist's rang....the head came out...I put the phone down in the bed....reduced the nuchal while telling Dad to find the delivery button....the rest of the baby came out....Dad found the delivery light and I found my emergency badge button....a nurse brought me the table and I clamped the cord, let Dad cut it (spraying blood EVERYWHERE...note to self, milk the cord next time) to warmer....cord for pH's....cord blood for nursery....about that time the laborist came dashing in and I let her deliver the placenta. Mom was intact and very happy that the baby was out! I was impressed 'cuz the only blood I had on my scrubs was from Dad spraying blood everywhere. Nice!

The rest of the shift followed the pattern and I did 2 more deliveries. One a Mom who walked in 9cm with a bulging bag who I was afraid I was going to catch too, but she was a prime who had great control and only pushed for 30min. I learned my lesson though and had the laborist in the room with me for that one!

I went in for an extra 6hrs tonight and had yet another unblocked multip on pit who was 5cm when I got there. Thank goodness that doc was hanging out in-house at least, he almost missed the delivery anyway. I would have caught 2 babies in a week, but he wouldn't have been quite as laid-back about missing a delivery as the doc on Wednesday night!

So that's 3 babies I've caught in less than 2 years. Yay! My knees were still shaking a little bit, but not near as bad as the first time!! Now I want to do it again!!

Babies today: 2f/4m
Babies total: 92M/105F = 197
Vag:69M/79F = 148
C/S: 24M25F = 49
Babies 'caught' = 2f1.5m