Saturday, May 22, 2010

Birthday Twins!

Every year (all 2 so far..._ that I've been a nurse I've worked on my birthday. Last night it was the night of my birthday, this year it was supposed to be both ends. Everyone thinks I'm nuts for doing it, but I personally think that it's kinda fun! I've gotten birthday twins both times, and that's fun for me!!

This year I looked like a slight idiot doing it, but it all worked out OK. I had a triage come in for bleeding and she sure wasn't bleeding, and she was contracting every 7min, SVE unchanged from the office earlier in the week, cervix way posterior and she said she wouldn't have come in except for the "bleeding." I sent her home with some vistaril after I told the doctor "she's not bleeding or laboring." She was back 1hr later, contracting every 2-3min and 3-4cm. Chalk one up to my great triage skills!!! Oh well....she delivered a few hours later, blocked and comfortable, girl #3 with 2 pushes! We almost had extra people at our birthday party after I picked up the phone and accidentally switched 2 numbers in the doctor's sleep room and asked the friendly lab tech to come to my delivery. Oops...

Almost at 200 babies! I was hoping to hit #200 before midnight on my birthday but I got put on call. Good thing I picked up a couple extra shifts last weekend!

Babies today: 1m/1f
Babies total: 93M/106F = 199
Vag:70M/80F = 150
C/S: 24M25F = 49
Babies 'caught' = 2f1.5m

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  1. Blog hopped over. I am also a nurse. Love your blog, I find it very delightful. I am impressed by your stats! I am going to follow along if you don't mind. I almost switched from Critical Care to L&D, so I love your stories.