Monday, August 10, 2009

Ante City

I promise, promise, promise that I still blog once in a while! Somehow, when I'm so exhausted in the morning, blogging's the first thing that gets put off. So I have to wait 'till I have a day off to do it! Those seem to be pretty few and far between anymore...

I was scheduled to work Thurs/Fri/Sat last week, and I did. But Wednesday I went in and worked extra at the last minute. I was mowing all day long, and they called looking for help during the day shift that afternoon, and I couldn't do that. But then the 2nd time they called me @ 1700 looking for help that night I felt too guilty to say no. So I jumped through the shower and went in. I don't think I've caught up on sleep after that...

It has been raining antepartums and pre-term patients for the last week! I swear, we'll have 5-9 antes on the board every night...and when there's only 17 rooms total...that doesn't leave room for too much else! I can't wait for our new unit that is supposedly going to have an antepartum wing...and I hope heavens to betsy that I don't have to work it more than once or twice a month. Antes aren't too bad...but I didn't work medsurg for a reason! We have everything under the sun sitting on our unit...a couple pneumonia patients, kindey stone patients, patients with diabetic issues...and the thing is, is all these things are fine, but they don't really have anything to do with being pregnant! You treat a kidnestone patient the same way whether she's pregnant or not, same with pneumonia. So besides a NST every shift, or in some cases, every day...they're a med-surg patient. But medsurg or any other unit won't touch them if they're they sit on our unit taking up nurses and rooms. All fine and good until you have 349 babies in a month, and then things get a little tight! They don't stop coming in either...we clean out a bunch of the "green names" (antes) and another troupe comes in to stay for a few days. It's taking 2 or 3 nurses just to take all the antes every shift!!

I was the "resource nurse" on Thursday nights. That really just means that you're in charge of assignments and the bad guy telling someone that they have to take care of the next triage that just walked in. Our unit is pretty good about figuring out who should take the next patient, so it's not too bad of a job...most nights. When we got there it was crazy, and it never really slowed down. People kept walking in...and staying...and more people kept coming in. I think at one point we had about 9 nurses there. I had all the antepartum patients, we had one patient who was a cervidil on an insulin drip, we had 2 DIU patients, we had a patient who pushed for 3 hours and then had a C/S and bled and ended up with a bakari balloon, we had no rooms aka nurses on postpartum so we "couldn't" move out any of the delivered was the never ending night. I never want to be "in charge" again!!! Here I thought it would make me feel all grown up to be the resource nurse and make me feel like I was finally "stable" as an L&D nurse...not so much. It pretty made me want to run and hide and tell someone else to handle the issues of not having enough nurses to take the patients!! Thank goodness for my amazing team who helped shuffle patients and make sure everyone got what they needed.

I only had one baby out of all 5 days I worked. That delivery wasn't even very exciting, she was complete when I got there, we pushed for 10 minutes and had a baby @ 1913. And then it was back to triaging "preterm labor" patients who came in doubled-over in pain, I put them on the monitor, got a FFN, checked them and found them closed, watched them "contract" for an hour, re-checked them, dipped their pee, maybe gave them a glass of water and miraculously cured them and they walked out after I had to wake them up. Do people have nothing better to do at 3am than come to the hospital? And are people really so tired of being pregnant at 24, 28, 30, 31 weeks that they want to be in labor so bad and have a baby in the NICU for months? Tough it out a few more weeks and take home a healthy baby!! I worked Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, and I went in extra last night from midnight to 7. So I've got tonight off...and then I start my "real 3" for the week!

Babies today: 1f

Babies total: 57M/68F = 125

Vag:43M/51F = 94

C/S: 14M17F = 31

Babies 'caught' = 2f0.5m


  1. OMG- YES women are impatient and insane. I'm not a nurse but I am the leader of a pregnancy forum at and I cannot believe how many women talk about going into labor or WANTING to go into labor at 30 weeks+. It's absolutely crazy and I give them a stern lecture.

    I think L&D nurses should be aware that women are on forums even THINKING about wanting to give birth prematurely. One woman was MAD her doctor wouldn't induce her at 34 weeks due to "big baby". He told her that her baby would be 14 lbs if she delivered 6 weeks later, on her due date.


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