Saturday, September 26, 2009

Finally Some Babies!!

Wow, I'm been doing this blog in spurts lately...I end up doing it AFTER I've worked for the week 'cuz there's not much energy in between shifts! This month has been crazy busy, we were already pretty close to 300 babies when I left on Thursday morning!! I've had several nice deliveries, 2 of them last night!! Yay for double deliveries!

The two last night were 2 within an hour, that's always good for getting the heartrate up! I did one delivery of "my girl" that I'd had since the beginning of the shift, then walked out and there was another girl that was 7-8 and for some reason the nurse that had her wanted me to take her and finish her delivery. I'm not sure why but the girl was unblocked and there wasn't much time to argue!!!

By the time I walked down to the room (for the first time) the midwife said that she was 9+ and wanted to get back in the tub. I wouldn't have gotten her up to the tub at that close to delivery, but the midwife did so I didn't' say anything. I'm realizing about this time that there is NOTHING in the room. No IV fluids hooked up, no pit for after delivery, nothing set up for cord gas collection, no delivery equipment. Wonderful...

I got everything ready and thank goodness too 'cuz when the midwife got the girl out of the tub and back on the monitors we had heart tones in the 70's and needed to have a baby NOW. It was a long 5 mins while she broke her water, tried to have her push, then cut an episiotomy...I was calling people, getting the laborist to stand by, asking some of my nurse friends to come be some extra hands, etc. Baby came out fine though, mom did great, and my heart rate finally returned to normal...

I had antes a couple times this week. I was supposed to be orienting a new hire one night, she's been a nurse for a while, used to do L&D but then took 12 years off to raise her kids. She's like twice my age and I always feel a little funny "telling" people who could be my mom what to do. Anyway, first time I was orienting anyone in the first place so I'm already a little nervous, I don't like antes, I feel way more comfortable with a labor patient, and yet I'm supposed to teach someone how to do it. We had a FULL load of antes, and one of them had been admitted a week or so ago for bleeding...and had bled 4 times during admission and was on her 6th bleed for the day. The doc showed up right at shift change to assess her and got another clot out, wanted to cut her, it turned into a long process, we had to call in another nurse to take her back to the OR, and it was almost 2100 before I got to my other patients rooms. Not good patient assignments, but everyone turned out OK!

I feel like I've been living at the hospital lately. If I hadn't been sick one night last week I would have been there 5/7 nights and all the nights have been crazy! Thank goodness it's job security!!

Babies today: 1f2m
Babies total: 63M/73F = 136
Vag:47M/55F = 102
C/S: 16M18F = 33
Babies 'caught' = 2f0.5m

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