Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Still Here...

Promise I haven't fallen off the face of the earth! More like into the crater of work! Even though it's the middle of October we're still busting at the seams and somehow managing to survive and laugh about it.

Several fun babies lately...all girls, go figure!!

There were moments that I felt like and idiot, a bad nurse and almost shed a few tears on the job...but then I look back on that night and think of all the things I learned and all the things I did that I didn't know I new how to do! I learned all about doing a D&C in our OB OR's...something I'd never done. How to do a sterile vag prep (I've talked to 1 nurse on the floor who'd ever had to do that...). I learned that I could put a scalp lead on someone who was 1/60/posterior when I had heart tones in the 50's (even the doctor was impressed at that!)...and I learned that I could stand up to a doctor and get what I needed for a patient. I also learned that I have some of the BEST co-workers ever. They're always there when I need them, they always are willing to help me out and I love them!! We just got 2 new nurses coming off orientation on day shift and they said they've already noticed a big difference between days and nights and how supportive night shift is of one another and how it's a team approach instead of everyone nurse for herself. I like that :)

I almost got to catch a baby the other night, I was all excited! But the doctor was in the lounge so I made sure she made it. You gotta love those multips who push once and all of a sudden the baby's crowning :)

Babies today: 4f
Babies total: 63M/78F = 141
Vag:47M/58F = 105
C/S: 16M20F = 36
Babies 'caught' = 2f0.5m

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