Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's an OPINION!

I figured my comment about home-birthing might cause some stir.....and I think I was right. Let me just say up front (again!) that this is MY OPINION. It doesn't mean that it's the only opinion or heck, even the right opinion! It's just how I see things through my eyes.

Someone asked what we have in a hospital that wouldn't be available at home. I'll admit that I've never been to a home birth, but from the research I've done here's a small list (not all inclusive) of things we would have in a hospital (not necessarily at every delivery but available within seconds) that usually wouldn't be available at home:

~ 5 L&D nurses
~ 4 NICU nurses
~ 2 Neonatal Nurse Practitioners
~ a full team to take care of mom after delivery and a separate team to take care of the baby after delivery
~ a labor bed that can be adjusted to many different positions to facilitate McRoberts maneuver (plus lots of others)
~ a full OR team/equipment (including anesthesia) ready for an emergency C/S if/when we decided we needed it

In my situation I think the things that helped the most were having all the (very experienced) hands ready and able to help. If it had been just the doctor and me in the room things could have turned out very differently. There is also no way that I could have taken care of the critical condition baby after he was born AND taken care of mom at the same time.

I know the great majority of births (home and hospital) turn out fantastic, happy healthy mom and happy healthy baby. I know midwives are trained and many have more experience than some doctors. I know that sometimes in hospitals decisions are made because of the extra monitoring that lots of times happens and that lots of times in the hospital we err on the side of  "preventing" instead of "reacting." My experience over the weekend reminded me how quickly a situation can go from normal, routine, and uncomplicated to emergent, critical and life or death. The thought that keeps running though my head is "why would I want to take the chance of the one birth that doesn't go as planned being MY baby's?"

Monday, October 4, 2010

If It Scares Us It Must Make Us Stronger...Right?

Every nurse has experiences that they never forget....shoulder dystocias are some of those experiences. Not going to go into detail....but all 7 nurses and the doctor were shaking pretty bad after a very cute and chubby baby destined to be a linebacker came out safe and sound. Scenarios like that are what put lots of things into perspective:
~the high acuity of what I get to do every night
~the great teamwork we have as a unit
~and why home birth is such a bad idea in my book!
This mom didn't push very long, nobody would have guessed after a recent sono showed a <7# baby that he'd be a tight fit!! If this mom had tried to deliver at home, the outcome would not have been good.....for her or baby.

On a less tense note...I got to deliver a baby for one of my friends from church this week. Those are so fun! Not only do I get to help Mom and Dad welcome their new baby but I get to watch her grow up over the next couple years. It's like a premature ending when I deliver a baby and then move them over after 2hrs and maybe see them one more time. I don't usually get to see the "continuing project" over the next few years! This is the fun way to do it!

It feels like maybe our crazy summer is winding down. The last few nights at work have been a little more relaxed. Several deliveries, but not the crazy non-stop, no more rooms, no more nurses pace we've been running all summer. A total of 339 babies in September! Waiting for the 2 sets of triplets to come in any day this month.....

Babies this Month:1m

Babies total: 111M/122F = 233
Vag:82M/94F = 176
C/S: 29M28F = 57
Babies 'caught' = 2f1.5m