Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No Breakage!

I know I shouldn't post this when I have two more nights left this week...but I can't remember a night being as good as last night. It started out way hectic and I wasn't sure how it was all gonna turn out, but it was busy enough that it kept me going and the night was actually really good! The worst I had of it was chasing babies, but even that was ok, at least the babies were behaving! My cervidil I expected to labor just because that doc has the reputation of delivering people off cervidil's, but she was pretty quiet all night and baby was a perfect angel, best looking strip I've claimed in a long time! She slept most of the night too, so I'm glad she didnt' hurt too bad.

I walked in at the same time as a R/O PROM, and was trying to do that and get the cervidil started all at the same time. By the time I got the cervidil situated I caught the on-call doc for the R/O and he proceeded to do the 1-million dollar workup on the PROM and then decided that she was just leaking urine. This after a sterile spec, an amnisure (I had done that already...), a sono, and a vag exam. At least he's thorough...but it took 2 hours to send her home when it should have taken about 30minutes. Oh well.

So I'm back for the 2nd full shift of 2 1/2 in a row. I was so proud of my girl from Sunday night...she delivered vaginally! I stopped and saw her before I left today and her baby is so cute! I don't think her strip ever looked all that wonderful, but no crash section so I feel better about that. She said she only pushed 6 times...for a prime that's not bad! Now it's time to sleep before I head to the gym and back to work. Good morning, everyone!

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