Monday, February 15, 2010

Still Here!

I's been over a month since I talked about babies...but trust me, they're still coming! We beat our record for deliveries in January...ever. >330 in 31 days...we thought that was pretty impressive! It's seemed to me that for as many deliveries as we've had I personally haven't done very many :( Lots of cervidils and antes. Maybe my turn is coming soon :)

I did have some excitement Sunday morning @ 0600 when a SROM walked in and was in the best abbruption pattern I'd seen in a long time! Right off the bat banging out contractions every 30-60sec. Baby looked like one nice straight line (NOT a good thing). When I went to check her instead of a gush of clear fluid I got a handfull of blood. Of course we didn't have a laborist (in-house OB) that night, so I had to call her doc and get her to come in. I am so thankful for my amazing labor-nurse friends! We had the doc on her way, an IV started and a chart put together in about 15min of her getting there! After some IV fluids and some O2 baby started looking beter and she wasn't saturating pads with blood, so doc decided we had time for a more controled C/S. We didn't have to sleep her or anything too scary-run-down-the-hall, but still had a (>9lb) baby in 1hr 15min! Nice way to end the shift I guess.

Poor girl, she was more than a little scared, and was planning on going all natural. I have my doubts that baby would have fit anyway, didn't seem like a very big pelvis. Hopefully next time around she'll get the chance to VBAC!

I promise to start making a better attempt at posting on a more regular basis!

Babies total: 75M/95F = 170
Vag:58M/73F = 131
C/S: 17M22F = 39
Babies 'caught' = 2f0.5m...I'm TOTALLY in the mood to catch another baby! Another nurse got to catch one this weekend when the Dr. got stuck in the lounge when the infant security alarm went off...I want my turn!!

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  1. Kudos to you for recognizing such OB emergency!!

    Still I'm not sure I would want to check a pt that I suspected was abrupting. Wouldn't checking the cervix cause even more ctxs and uterine irritability?

    Just out of curiosity was terbutaline or another tocolytic given to help quiet the uterus while you and your awesome team prepped her for section? I'm trying to remember what's contra indicated and what isn't.

    Again good scary for an OB nurse!!!