Thursday, April 22, 2010


For as busy as we've been's been pretty ok! It's so nice having enough night staff to go around, and my phone hasn't been ringing off the hook every night looking for help! So what's the answer going to be? We're sending more nurses to day shift....of course! But, we will survive, because we always do, and we'll laugh our way through it :) I've realized over the last few weeks how much I love the girls I work with. They are 50% (some nights more) of why I love my job so much!

I got my first "thank you" from a student that's been working with me. I got so excited! She wasn't even really "my" student, but she needed some more shifts, so she's been working a couple nights with me over the last few weeks when her normal preceptor wasn't working. It's been fun and really an eye-opener for me. I've never really "preceptored" anyone before. It's hard for me to preceptor new nurses to the floor because most of them are older than me, and have been doing this for a lot longer than I have, just at different/slower/smaller hospitals. Telling someone who's older than me what to do or how to do something is still one of the things I'm working on, so I'll stick with students and new nurses who I've still got some (if however small) senority over! It's fun to watch it click for the first time for these new girls. I remember when it clicked for me and that's when I got hooked...

Babies total: 89M/102F = 191 (almost 200)!!!
Vag:65M/78F = 143
C/S: 24M24F = 48
Babies 'caught' = 2f0.5m


  1. Do you think you will ever pursue teaching..especially teaching nursing clinicals in L/D?

  2. If I ever did teach, that's what I would want to do (L&D clinicals). I don't really have an interest at this point in doing the "classroom" stuff...but I love telling/teaching/showing people what I do, so I think I'd like the clinical part. The thing is, it's the the clinical instructor that you really follow at clinicals, but I'd take a student with me for a shift :) Most students come during the day though, so we don't see too many on nights :( Guess we'll see what happens in the future!