Sunday, May 17, 2009

Done With The Weekend

This weekend has been CRAZY. Not "no end of patients" crazy, just steady and "nobody goes home" weekend! After the 33wkr came in with no heart tones on Friday night, things just snowballed.

I feel like I've gotten SUPER lucky though. I've had AMAZING patients and AMAZING delivereis EVERY NIGHT!! Makes up for that week of all antes and NO babies! Anyway...I'm pooped!

Friday night I got a totally cool patient, she's a nurse at one of the children's hospitals in town. I feel an extra bond when the patient is a nurse too, even if they don't know the first thing about labor. I think there is something to be said for having the common ground of just working in a hopsital. They know what it's like to get tied up with doctors, they know what it's like when things have to change or don't go EXACTLY as planned, they've learned what it's like to go with the flow. Even if you're not a nurse, you still understand the environment and how things work. She had a beautiful delivery, she was 6+ feet tall, dad was like 6'6", baby was big too, but looking at mom you would never know! Baby had a nuchal X2 and her poor little face was SO bruised! Worst bruising I've seen in a very long time. After baby got weighed, Mom realized that she weighed the same, was the same length and also had a nuchal when she was born. Talk about "like mother like daughter". They were so greatful for a baby that they'd been trying hard for, and were happy with how everything went. Yay!

Last night, another early delivery in the shift, less than an hour of pushing, another >8# baby, amazing family, funny as everything. I love patients who make me laugh and will say anything they're thinking. Dad kept asking when he was going to get to put on the gown and mask and hat (gotta love those 80's birthing class videos...updates anyone?!). So I finally gave him one of C/S hats and masks. He decided that after he put the hat on he looked more like a food service worker than a doctor, so he didn't wear them for delivery. It was so cute. He wanted to cut the cord so bad, and when the doctor started to clamp it Dad yelled "I'm supposed to do that!!" We laughed and said that the doctor had to clamp the cord first, then handed him the scissors and let him cut the cord. He apologized for getting so excited and I said I was glad that he said something instead of missing out on the opportunity he wanted...but it was pretty funny.

After delivery/recovery I did one triage that I sent home, and then got a 26wkr with pyelo that I bolused, gave some antibiotics and tucked into bed. Then about 0400 the "bus" rolled in and I got a labor patient who was dying with uc's, sat down in bed, started a contraction and promptly said "I'm going to puke." I grabbed a bucket and ALMOST got it to her, which she missed and all over my hand it went. Remind me to ALWAYS wear gloves when I'm anywhere near a patient because who knows when they're going to spew. It was gross. I'm patting her back and telling her she's doing great all the while gagging with every heave. I don't do puke.

Her 6y/o step son had come to the hospital with them and was sitting on the couch wrapped up in his pj's and a Thomas the Train blanket and I figured we'd have either tears or another pile of puke in the corner but after she was done and I was dumping the contents of the bucket he was like "Dad, is that throw up?!" Leave it to a 6 year old.

After I threw in an IV and got some zofran on board I promptly walked back to the OR and told the doc that I had a patient of hers who needed a block. I felt bad later, I don't even think I asked, I said "she's been here 15 minutes, she's 3/100/-2, she's puked on me and I'm waiting on labs for a block." She kinda said..."uh...ok, go ahead." I guess I'm more assertive than I thought!

She did change her cervix and was 5 with a bulging bag and was laughing watching her contractions on her monitor and not feeling a thing. I totally was wishing that she'd come in at like 2000 instead of 0400 so I could have done her delivery. Oh well...

I can only hope I get 3 more deliveries this week too! I switched a shift with someone so I'm working on my birthday and I requested a labor patient. If I'm gonna work my birthday then I at least want a birthday twin!

Babies today: 1f1m
Babies total: 45M/47F = 92
Vag:34M/37F = 71
C/S: 11M10F = 21
Babies 'caught' = 1f1/2m


  1. ha-ha! you reminded me of the birth of my second daughter. i am an RN and had worked in L&D in the past.

    when i had my first daughter i had SROM at 38 weeks, but no real contractions, 2cm which i had been for weeks. they started pit. i was so adamant that i did not want an epi. but then i started really hurting and thought...there is no way i will make it. my contractions on the monitor did not look like mountains, more like flat squiggles. they checked me and i was 9cm, thank goodness no epi! start of pit and 2cm 8am, birth 9:31am.

    second delivery, 38 weeks. we had to take our daughter to a friend's, but i was feeling pretty bad and told my husband he better drop me off at the hospital first. i walk in and they take me up to L&D. i'm doing the breathing as they check me in and they mock me for doing the breathing so early in labor. i never told them i was a nurse. i did however tell them about my first delivery that went pretty fast and that my contractions showed up as flat squiggles. i guess they didn't believe me. called the midwife and said i was in false labor. NEVER checked me despite my obvious pain and pressure, gave me ice and left me alone. husband arrives, i yell that they don't believe me! they finally me check 10cm! baby born on bed. amazing i didn't tear, i'd had quite the 3rd degree tear with #1. arrived at hospital a little after 4am, birth 5:11am...not sure what would have happened with SROM?!

    as they get me cleaned up, they finally realize i'm a nurse. the jerk nurse comes to me and says "oh you're an RN, me too!"...oh really. grrrr!

  2. Your stories are a great help to me. I'm a nursing student and would like to go into the Labor and Delivery floor. I fell in love with it this semester. Thank you for a glimpse at my future :)

  3. LOVED this post because I love hearing about the joyful births (I also, morbidly, love to hear the not-so-delightful ones). I laughed while pushing my first daughter out because the nurse and my husband saw the head and started freaking out and yelling, "Keep pushing, keep pushing, keep pushing!" They sounded so incredibly silly and stupid that I burst out laughing in the middle of pushing!