Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ready For Some Time Off

Don't know why, but it seems like I have been working ALOT lately! And the sad thing is...I really haven't been! I haven't done the 6 or 7 IAR thing for a long time, just my 3's with 2 off in the middle. But this is my last set of 3 before my "long stretch" and maybe that's why I'm tired. This week kinda messed me up too with the holiday. I didn't get to work my Sun/Mon/Tues, instead it was Mon/Tues/ I've been behind a day all week!

After my rough week last week I've been a little over anxious/nervous every time I come to work too. I didn't get my first baby 'till Wed, and that was a C/S that wasn't supposed to happen but baby only tolerated the cervidil for about 5 hrs before it got grouchy. I've done cervidils the rest of the week, I guess I had a recovery one night too, but no babies. :( Sadness for me!

I'm super glad that I get a few days off now, I need some time to sleep and exercise some, that's fallen by the wayside too many times the last few weeks. My bike wreck injuries are slowly healing and I'm not grossing my patients out anymore :) Horray!

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  1. Hi, I came across your blog a few weeks back when I searched for labor and delivery nurse blogs. I spent a little over a year working with OB/GYN patients in the ER, then spent this past year working as the school nurse at a high school, but I'll be starting L&D in 2 weeks. It's good to read the stories of someone else who is new to the field! :)