Monday, June 15, 2009

1st of 2 IAR

So because of a fetal monitoring class this week that's required (even though we're not getting paid for it...) my schedule got all mixed up. Instead of working Sun/Mon/Tues and then having my long stretch off, I work Sun/Mon, class all day Wed/Thurs, then work Friday night. Then they "had" to switch my schedule next week because someone else had to change nights so I'm working like Tue/Wed/Fri. It makes no sense to me, and I can't say that it's all working out just how I want it, but I'm sure I'll survive somehow. It will be nice only working 2 IAR this week for a change instead of 3!! Looking @ the positive :)

I started out the shift tonight with a postpartum mag the baby. So even though they still say that I need to orient to M/B, they feel free to assign me a M/B patient before I've been over there. Maybe now they won't feel the need to float me over there since they can just assign me a M/B team over on labor now! wasn't that big of a deal. Mag is mag, and a baby is a baby. He ate/pooped/wet for me, so I guess I did OK with him!

When it started to get a little busier they finally called in the M/B nurse they had at home on call (they had me take the mag girl instead) and she came in and took my PP mag, I took a SROM and got her delivered, then took another ROL who I ruled in pretty quick and had her blocked and comfy and a good 4cm by the time day shift got there! So it all worked out pretty nice. Now off to sleep before tonight gets here. Who knows what adventures it will hold... :D

Babies today: 1m

Babies total: 50M/51F = 101

Vag:38M/39F = 77

C/S: 12M12F = 24

Babies 'caught' = 1f1/2m

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  1. Is there someplace where I can find all the acronyms? I can figure some of them out but have no clue what an IAR or a SROM is.