Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby #100!

Another 2 crazy nights to finish out the week...Wednesday night was another attempt to float me to M/B...that lasted about long enough for me to finish my C/S recovery. Then I took a cervidil, another triage or two, then got a SROM that I got started and ready for dayshift. Pretty good night overall. Loved my cervidil couple, and the SROM couple was pretty hilarious.

Thursday night was another night in the zoo. I got to take my cervidil couple back from Wednesday just as she was complete, so we had a baby by about 2000. She did so good, but had had a LONG day on a LOT of pitocin to get the active labor going, so she bled after delivery. Some methergine and 800mcg of cytotec later and she was OK. I always love to finish those cervidil deliveries, especially if they do it without being cut. I get the start process and the finish process too!

An hour into the recovery I claimed the triage crown again and started my 1st of about 4 more triages. One in, one out, one in, one out. Trying to get my 3rd triage of the night out about 0415 when another nurse catches me in the hall and tells me that I have just acquired the new SROM that just walked in and is a repeat section. Oh, and she's 35 weeks. Soooo...thanks to a LOT of help from my amazing nurse team we got her ready and had a nice C/S about 0500, rolled into recovery @ 0630 and had all my paperwork and computer charting done! I was super impressed with me and all the help I got from everyone else. I couldn't have done it without them. I did realize in the middle of the section that I hadn't sat down long enough to even pee all shift...but it DID make the shift go fast.

My C/S baby was baby #100 since starting as an "Real Nurse" last August. I took a second and thought about that in the OR...I can't believe that I have done that many deliveries in less than a year. Granted, that includes all my orientation babies, but still...that's pretty darn good for a 1st year new grad! It makes me feel like I've accomplished a lot in the last several months. It makes all the rough nights definitely worth it!

I said something in the OR about it being my 100th delivery and the doc laughed and said something about seeing if I was as motivated and enthusiastic in 10 years or so. I've had lots of the older nurses smile and pat me on the head when they hear I keep track of all my deliveries, but when I've been doing this for 10 or 15 years and someone asks me how many babies I've delivered, I want to be able to tell them!! I've kept track this far, why stop now?

Babies today: 1m/1f
Babies total: 49M/51F = 100
Vag:37M/39F = 76
C/S: 12M12F = 24
Babies 'caught' = 1f1/2m

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  1. Good for you for keeping track. Numbers are cool, you can see so many neat things in them. Like you have almost equal boys and girls. The cesarean rate is 24% a little lower than "average"

    Also, how great you are so excited. I hope you are this excited in 10 years. Just think, it might be 1000 babies by then!