Saturday, July 4, 2009


After Tuesday night I was already tired and it was only my 2nd shift! The fact that I picked up an extra 6hrs Monday night really threw me off, and I couldn't even tell you what day it was!

Wednesday I took a patient that followed me in the door for a rule out labor (ROL). I ruled her out after an hour, made her mad that I was sending her home, and tried to explain that I couldn't "force" her to leave but that I really thought she'd be more comfortable not in our beds and not being able to drink, eat or smoke her cigarettes. She finally decided to leave.

Then I took another ROL, got her in a bed, then got a page that somehow it was my turn to take ANOTHER patient. I ran for about an hour and a half, the on-call doctor for the 1st patient decided that since she lived an hour away she should stay and would "probably go into labor during the night." I got her settled, gave her 50mg of vistaril to help her sleep (same sleepy effect of benadryl) and she slept the rest of the night. Hmmm...maybe not real labor?

2nd ROL went home, and I finally sat down to chart on BOTH patients. All fine and good, got everything caught up, I was good to go! Then another ROL walked in, of course it's my turn. She was definitely in labor and wanted a block so IV, block, check her and she was pretty near complete. Her doc came in, we had a great delivery! All right then! This was another doc who isn't always known for being super friendly but she came and sat at the desk with all us nurses and chatted for a while waiting for her other patient across the hall to deliver. I really like it when the docs sit out with us and socialize and just share in good old conversation. It breaks a lot of the the doctor/nurse walls down and makes everyone seem a little more human.

Right at shift change the same ROL that I had sent home 12 hours before came back and her cervix had changed, so she got to stay this time. You could tell she wasn't very happy, but in my mind, she got to go home for 12 hours, she got to eat and she got to smoke the cigarettes she wanted. She couldn't have done any of that if she had stayed. I'd say she was better off at home.

Total deliveries for the week so far...4

Babies today: 1f

Babies total: 53M/57F = 110

Vag:41M/45F = 86

C/S: 12M12F = 24

Babies 'caught' = 2f0.5m

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