Thursday, July 16, 2009


Sunday night kept a 30wkr with no pre-natal care pregnant one more night on Mag prior to her C/S in the morning, plus a few triages. Since when are Mag's 1-to-1?!

Went in extra for a few hours on Monday night from 2300-0200, did a C/S recovery. Then wasn't expecting to get off @ 0200 after the desperate phone call I'd gotten, but since I was there I decided to just go to the gym anyway. That was a little weird working out by myself @ 0300 and 0400...but it felt good when I was done!

Last my butt kicked. I took a girl who was 6-7, blocked, on pit. Figured she'd deliver soon. Then another SROM who was 1/80 who had been 1/80 all day. She'd had a leep, so I figured after that band broke she'd start making some change. Planned on MAYBE getting her delivered. Well...things just snowballed from the get go. Assessed both patients, then my 1st girl had heart burn, then my 2nd girl needed checked and an IUPC, she was 2-3 at that point. Then I couldn't trace her baby so I put a scalp lead on (2nd one ever...yay for me!!!), then walk into my 1st patient's room and the doc's in there and she's complete, so we rushed to get the room set up, then I pushed with her for an hour.

While I'm standing at the perineum pushing I notice my strip in my 2nd room looks horrible. So I called out the desk because I obviously can't do anything about it while I'm pushing. "We'll send someone in." 5" later it's still having deep variables after each back out to the desk. "oh ya, we'll send someone in." Finally it starts to get better and someone comes and and tells me that she's 7. Ok...

Then right after my 1st delivery (with a nasty 3rd degree repair) someone tells me, your other patient's complete and the doc wants you to start pushing. Ok, well then someone's gonna have to take my recovery...

So from one delivery to another, and since we had turned the pit off with her bad strip we started pushing and were only pushing every 5-7minutes. Finally the doc let me re-start the pit and we delivered in about 2 hrs. By the time I sat down to chart I had been pushing/delivering for about 4hrs straight! And had I charted ANYTHING in the computer? Of course NOT!!! I loved both of my patients and husbands, so that made it a fun 4hrs at least :)

I finally finished moving, charting, taking care of the couplet that I was keeping about 0330 or 0400 . Just in time to get a preterm twin rule out. I ruled her out pretty quick but then had to wait for a fetal fibrinectin to come back and finally sent her home about 0630 just as day shift was pullin up.

Another crazy night at work...I think we had 6 or 7 deliveries between 1900 and 0700. Sheesh...this is AMAZING job security!!

Babies today: 2f
Babies total: 56M/64F = 120
Vag:42M/49F = 91
C/S: 14M15F = 29
Babies 'caught' = 2f0.5m


  1. LOL! No joke (on the job security bit)!!!

  2. Hi! I really enjoy reading your blog. I'm a big fan. I left something for you over on my food blog.