Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Quiet Night

I'm hoping this week doesn' t take the same pattern as last week with each night becoming more busy and crazy than the last! I started out the shift right by going to the gym and doing a good 5 miles, which made me feel better. I was crossing my fingers that work would be slower, and it was VERY slower! I did a 2130 delivery and then took over on a cervidil after I moved my delivery over about midnight. My delivery was a really fun girl who already had 2 little girls and as soon as I walked in the room right before 1900 the little 3 year old came running over and threw her arms around my legs and started talking up a storm and didn't stop 'till I tucked her into bed in the postpartum room with mom! The delivery was super smooth too. The same doctor did it that came and played with us on Thursday during all the drama. Every time I work with her, my level of respect goes up for her. She is a good doc, and she is a lot of fun too.

Besides the cervidil that I watched contract and cramp all night I did a triage about 0330. Cramping every 10 minutes doesn't usually mean you're in labor, but somehow when a doctor tells you that it could "happen" either this week or next all of a sudden everything means you're in labor. Watched her VERY quiet uterus for an hour and sent her home with some keflex for her UTI and went back to watching my cervidil.

I even got time to cuddle with a baby from the nursery. That's my favorite part of night shift :)

Babies today: 1f
Babies total: 27M/22F = 49
Vag:20M/20F = 40
C/S: 7M2F = 9

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