Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1st and Only Shift

So instead of 3 shifts this week...1 works just as well for me (though maybe not as good for my paycheck)! I felt 150% better, and survived the night fine, but it was crazy busy. Moved one recovery, blocked my 1cm prime and got chewed by a doctor for an order the previous nurse wrote wrong. I guess "labor epidural PRN" varies from doctor to doctor. I guess maybe I should have called to verify blocking my girl, but most other doctors would holler for double-checking such a standard order. Oh well, the girl went from 1cm-4cm in an hour after her block, so I felt justified. Then she stayed at 5cm for most of the night, then went to complete and was pushing when I left.

I delivered another gal who came in contracting on her own and delivered 3 hrs later. She SROM'd in the middle of her epidural, that was exciting, then pushed great and here was baby! All that after all I was going to do was "put her on the monitor." I should have learned that if you're the 1st one to walk into a patient's room, you better count on keeping her for awhile.

So now I have off 'till next week, I'm going out of town for the weekend to go visit some college buddies, and then cheering on the STEELERS in the Superbowl on Sunday. Yay Steelers!!!

Babies today: 1f
Babies total: 33M/30F = 63
Vag:24M/26F = 50
C/S: 9M4F = 13
Babies 'caught' = 1f


  1. SROM stands for Spontaneous Rupture Of Membranes (when your bag of water breaks on its own). AROM stands for Artificial Rupture Of Membranes (when the doctor breaks the bag of water using an instrument). Thanks for asking!

  2. One of my secret ambitions is to be the perfect patient. What do you think that entails in the labor and delivery ward?