Thursday, January 1, 2009

One Night Off

Ok, my one night off, and it's gonna be after 0200 before I'm in bed! What is wrong with me? I could have fallen asleep the moment I got home from the gym about 2000, but now I'm going strong! Right after midnight everyone else headed to bed, I organized my CD's, cleaned up my room, and now I'm trying to convince myself that I'm sleepy and need to go to bed!

This is my first night off since Saturday night, and it seems like it's been a long week! Maybe it's because one of those shifts was extra and I know that I still have one to go this week. But they've been good shifts, and I haven't completely broken any patients yet, so I keep going back to try again...haha!

It seems like this week between Christmas and New Years we have triaged the entire pregnant population of the surrounding 250 miles! It's been one person in after another! I think I did 3 or 4 admissions/discharges myself last night! It strikes me as slightly humorus when a 23wkr comes in and says "this is the last thing I was in here for last week and the week before." Um...if it's the same thing, and no thing's changed since the last time we sent you home, why did you come back? Is it our wonderful valet service or something?

Just some triage tips for mom's who think you're in labor/water broke, etc...,
#1: call your doctor. Then they aren't mad when we call them and wake them up over something they didn't know anything about
#2: you will save yourself about 2 hours if you come straight to OB instead of going in through the ER...they won't do anything to you down there, but you'll have to wait in line for the triage nurse before they'll realize that you're pregnant and call us to come get you anyway

Last night I got to "assist" with an "urget" C/S on a 35wkr. When she came in late in the afternoon they didn't think she was in labor, she was just cramping. Well then she was 3, then she was 5, then she was 6, then 7, then got an epidural, then 8, then SROM'd and baby dumped. When the nurse checked her she was complete...and it wasn't a head in the pelvis. The nurse said she grabbed a handful of scrotum. Nothing like that to give you a 2nd wind at 0400! So C/S for a breech baby who was really cute :) But at least now I've seen how a C/S happens quick! Takes a FEW of my nerves away, but not all of them.

Happy New Year everyone! If 2009 is anywhere as life changing as 2008...I'm buckling my seat belt!

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  1. Haha, that would be a shocker for a nurse to grab hold of when expecting to feel a head!

    Happy New Year!