Sunday, January 4, 2009

Too Much Work

I must have a really, really sensitive conscious. They called me tonight while I was walking through the mall and said they were desperate for help again. I told them no because I've worked every night but Wednesday this week...but then about 20minutes later I called them back and they still hadn't found anybody, so I went in...and just got home about 0830. I'm pooped...

Yesterday when I was wishing for babies...I got 2 of them last night. I took a SROM that had been there all afternoon who was still 2-3, she was doing great, I liked them, we were bonding...then another SROM came in and I ended up taking her back for a section partly out of her choice (she was "thinking" about a VBAC...) and partly because baby looked like poop. So I handed out my first patient to her 4th nurse of the day and took the new SROM to the OR. I circulated her section, then they called another nurse in and she came in just as the doc was closing the skin. So she finished the recovery for me, and I went back out to my "original" patient.

I got her a block, laid her back, everything was peachy...then baby takes a nose dive, then I can't trace baby again, I'm starting to sweat, I flipped her one way, the other, the kid's still diving with every contraction. I swear I hate the sound of decels! I finally grabbed the charge nurse and she put on a scalp lead for me. I've never done a scalp lead, and the time to learn is not when I can't think straight anyway. This in the middle of 3 other nurses delivering. My kid's still diving with the contractions, the pit's off, I call the doc and she says "watch it and fluid bolus her". Ok. She's on F4 at this time...

Anyway, a very LONG story short, the kid never did look real good again. The pit stayed off, we ended up turning her epidural off because her BP wouldn't stay up and I think that had something to do with how unhappy baby was. I was never happy with the strip, but the doc refused to come 'till she was complete. So I called her when she was complete and I figured she'd push the kid right out, but it took her a good hour to push it out. By the time she was in the middle of pushing the epidural was really starting to wear off, so it was a little more intense delivery than anyone was thinking it was going to be. She got a dose of fentanyl about 5 minutes before delivery...I hope she can walk by noon! Her pelvis was kinda funny and it took the kid forever to fit under the bone. I felt really bad when we heard a snap when the head did pop out and the end of Mom's tailbone broke! Ouch... Anyway, so that was 0700...and I was WAY behind on charting on my LOVELY heart tones! Oh well...I'm only back for my 7th shift in 8 days tonight. Sleepy time!

Babies today: 2m
Babies total: 30M/25F = 55
Vag:22M/22F = 44
C/S: 8M3F = 11
Babies 'caught' = 1f


  1. You have GOT to learn how to stick to your guns when you say "no" about coming in. Otherwise, they're going to call you all the freaking time! You need time for YOU too!

  2. Sounds like they really needed you, though. I hope that broken tailbone heals quickly.