Saturday, November 7, 2009

Babies Everywhere!

I set a new record at work last night...3 babies in a shift! I don't think I sat down all shift! And I know I didn't have a chance to pee all night (but that's nothing new anymore) :(

I had one delivery right off the bat @ 1845. Sweet little gal I had cervidiled the night before. Getting induced early for low fluid, never really thought she'd deliver vaginally. She did awesome!!

Got delivery #1 recovered and moved, then took over another labor patient from another nurse. She was 5, blocked/comfy and went from 5 to complete in about 45minutes! She was a great pusher and had a fantastic soundtrack of "pump-it-up" music that we played while we pushed. It was the best pushing session I've had in a while! It gives the nurses energy too! She had a little bit of a long repair afterwards, but was a trooper about it.

Got delivery #2 half way recovered before my next patient got there. She labored pretty well, tried the tub, tried an epidural that didn't really work. She SROM'd then was really hurting. In the midst of trying to redose, then finally having them just put in a combined spinal epidural she was laying on her side involuntarily pushing. We called the doc for delivery, had the laborist standing at the bedside and about 3 nurses in the room. We knew as soon as we laid her back we'd have a baby, you could see the perineum bulging with every involuntary push...

The CSE worked great and she got comfy really quick. Her doctor got there and then didn't I look like the idiot when we pushed for an hour and delivered straight OP. Fun, fun times. That was the first baby I'd ever seen delivered straight OP though. It does look quite odd when they come out looking at you instead of looking at the ground...

The day shift nurse who came in and tried to take over in the middle of the delivery (my turf...back off!) asked how the night had been. I said we'd been pretty busy, 5 or 6 deliveres. She said "we long for the pace. Must be nice." I bit my tongue but really, really wanted to say something along the line of "must be nice to have 2 or 3 times as many nurses on day shift too..." Oh well, all the babies get here and it always works out :)

Babies today: 1m/2f
Babies total: 67M/83F = 150
Vag:51M/62F = 113
C/S: 16M20F = 36
Babies 'caught' = 2f0.5m

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  1. Wow, lots of great births!!! I think my baby came out OP. We didn't use anything to assist her coming out as I pushed her out in about a minute. But she has a nice round bruise on the back of her head that is finally fading!