Saturday, November 7, 2009

She's Finally Here!

One of my favorite things is when I get to deliver someone who has personally asked me to be her nurse. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling in my stomach that someone picked ME to be their nurse and I wasn't just the one who got assigned to her! One of my friends asked me months ago to be her L&D nurse and we've just been waiting and waiting. I think the waiting's been worse on her than me...she's been ready for this baby to be here for months I think!!

I just finished a stretch of 8 days off and was out of town for part of it and we all knew that's when Little Miss was going to make her appearance. Mom had been contracting for days and days. She'd gone in for a labor check and wasn't doing anything. She was scheduled for an induction a couple days past her due date and wasn't too thrilled about that. Finally, my first day back at work, she came in ruptured and delivered in 3 hrs!! It was so fun! Super delivery and a super sweet baby. Congrats to Mom, Dad and big brother!!

That was the night we did 5 c/s in a row. Started W 1845 and rolled the last patient out of the OR at 0400. We had at least one nurse in the OR or recovery room all night. The patients just kept walking in and staying. It was crazy.

P.S. To doctors sleeping in the call room down the hall: when I call you for delivery, please don't take 5min to walk down there, sit on a stool to put on shoe covers and take your own sweet time then yell at me because I'm not "holding the head in well enough." I am ready for delivery when I call.

Babies today: 1f/1m
Babies total:66m/81f = 147
Vag: 50m/61f = 111
C/S:16m/20f = 36

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