Friday, November 20, 2009

Back to the Babies...

I'd forgotten how hard it is to go back to work after a long stretch off! Maybe that's because it's been so long since I had more than 2 days off in a row! After going in extra for a few hours both last Thursday and Friday I was off 'till last night! Count it...that's 5 whole days off!! It continues to be super, crazy, insane busy at work. We had 7 deliveries just on night shift alone, with a board full of cervidils and antepartums to beat. We were busy, but thank goodness we had 7 nurses there too! I had my first delivery in what's seemed like ages. At least 2 weeks I think.

I wasn't all sure that it was going to be vaginal, but she did it!! I was so proud of her! 1st baby and a great support system in her sister, boyfriend and boyfriends' mom (even more impressive that the baby wasn't this boyfriend's but from a previous relationship). It was fantastic!

We've had 210 babies as of midnight on the 18th...that's a lot. If it weren't the holidays next week I think we'd really be breaking numbers this everyone else this busy!?!

Babies today: 1m
Babies total: 68M/83F = 151
Vag:52M/62F = 114
C/S: 16M20F = 36
Babies 'caught' = 2f0.5m


  1. I think that we are having another baby boom right now. Recession babies. I live in an automotive town where people are out of work... so all they have to do is make babies why they are layed off work... job security for me!

  2. YES! We have been bursting at the seams with births! One day, it was rumored that we had 20 babies on one shift. 20!! I get so caught up in how busy I am, that I don't always keep count of the rest of the unit.