Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quiet Night

I probably just jinxed myself...but last night was so PEACEFUL!!! We had a nurse on call, and probably could have had more if we had really wanted to. We had 2 deliveries, 2 cervidils, 3 ante's and a few random triages that were in and out...and 5 nurses! I had ONE (1) (uno) cervidil all night...when was the last time that happened! It was WONDERFUL!!! Ah...for once I'm not "scared" about going back tonight!

A bunch of us nurses were all talking about different charity or not-so-charity running events that are going around in the area this year, and I think we're going to try to get a group of us together and do some of them. I don't by any means call myself a "runner" but I go out and try to do 4-6 miles a couple times a week. I used to do 5+ miles 6+ times a week in college, but once "life" started, not so much any more. There are several 5k or 10k runs going on that look fun and I would never have guessed that some many of the nurses run. So who knows, maybe it will inspire me to get up off my lazy butt and start really running again.

After all the talk about it at work last night, I thought maybe I should at least go get a little wind after I got home this morning. I knew if I didn't do it as I walked in the door it wouldn't happen 'till a different day. I was planning on 3 miles, and it turned into 6.2. Oh well, it didn't hurt me any I guess.

Gonna go switch the laundry, go to bed, get up and go to my brother's baseball game, then back to work for the 3rd party in a row! Horray...I think :)


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  2. I'd love to do L&D nursing! It must be really busy and stressful though.

  3. Well it seems like you didn't jinx yourself! Looks like two good nights in a row?! Just wait for a full moon... or October (I'm due before Halloween, go figure). Then it'll probably get crazy!