Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thursday Night

So it's technically Sunday morning...and this blog is technically about Thursday night. I've been too busy enjoying my whole TWO NIGHTS off (last) week that it hasn't gotten written 'till now...and the Internet connection has been kinda shaky.

Anyway, the craziness continues at was jus a SMALL cluster on Thursday night, ok, so it was kinda a crummy night all the way around. Walked in and the assignment didn't look too bad other than the fact that there were no empty rooms, not enough nurses...and it stayed that way all night.

The atmosphere was kinda set by the fact that they had just found out that afternoon that one of our extended-stay twin mom's had lost one of her babies. She'd been admitted for several weeks and they kept talking about sending her home but just hadn't ever done it. They'd been doing NST's every 8 hours and after a great NST Wednesday night...the NST on Thursday morning had only one heartbeat. It was really, really sad. This poor mom was a G6P2, had had several stillborns made all of us sick. She was only 33 weeks, so they weren't going to induce her, but she wanted to be in labor so bad. I don't blame her! I'd want my healthy baby outside and with me NOW after something like that. The nurse I talked to yesterday morning said that she went into labor and delivered early yesterday and the alive baby was doing great.

So after that small shock to everyone Thursday night, things went from bad to worse. We had a 31wkr break through mag and deliver, we had a set of vaginal twins who turned into a section after baby B flipped breech, in the middle of the twin section a 29wkr broke through her mag and was 4cm with a cord presentation, the carge nurse went ahead and called in all 3 cervidils who were scheduled even though we had no rooms for them, then they got frustrated when they had to wait in the lobby, our footling breech IUGR twins who were scheduled for a section Friday morning SROM'd...and the doctor decided that they could just wait a couple hours until their section...needless to say we were all ready to go home Friday morning!

This last week has been CRAZY! The poor NICU is overflowing with 23 kids (their usual max is 18), they're starting to have to ship kids to the children's hospital in town just because we don't have room. Labor's overflowing, and it's nothing "normal" it's all crazy stuff that's going on!

I've been counting small the last 2 nights off!

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  1. Hi there! I have been following your blog which has inspired me to go back to school. In 98-02 I was knocking (slowly) my pre-req's out of the way for nursing. My 2nd child became sick and had to put things on hold. I have decided now to go back to school, but would prefer to do it online (I'm a mother of 4 including an infant). What do you suggest? Please email me at diana . floyd @ yahoo . com . No spaces of course.