Sunday, July 5, 2009

7 Wasn't Enough...

I was so thankful to have a day off yesterday! I knew how crazy it had been, so I took brownies up to work last night about 2100. The board looked beautiful!! Couple green names and 2 ROL's. Why can't I work on nights like that!?!

So I dropped the brownies off and on my way out the door I made a funny comment about "now I don't want my phone to ring tonight because I've already driven over here once tonight!" I should have kept my mouth shut...!

Sure enough, about 0245 my phone rings. When I'm in a dead sleep I don't really think about what I'm doing and I just grab the phone and answer it. Sure enough "we need help! People just keep walking in!" Ok...I'm on my way. I couldn't say no after what I'd said earlier, and after the week we'd had, I know what it's like when nobody will come in to help. Only as I was getting ready to walk out the door did I realize that it was torrentially pouring buckets wonder the flood gates had opened at work (pun fully intended...).

When I got there I took one of the nurses SROM girls. After looking closely at the board I don't think it was quite as desperate as it had sounded on the phone, but I'm guessing it had all hit at once and when people keep walking in, there's no telling when they're going to stop walking in! So I checked on my girl, I actually used to work with her at the hospital day care before I went to nursing school. That was cool. She was ruptured and contracting, but hadn't really changed much from the office per the nurse who had admitted her. She didn't want any pain meds quite yet, so I let her rest for awhile. The doctor had given pit orders but I decided that since she WAS contracting, I would give her an hour or two to see if she did it on her own.

Baby looked great, and finally about 0530 the patient said she was getting more uncomfortable and wondered what she was dilated. So I checked her and something just wasn't quite right. I couldn't really find a cervix, and couldn't feel any suture lines, it was just all kinds of funk. So I had the original nurse check her and she didn't know what it was either...but she was definitely more than the 2cm she was when she came in. So we grabbed the ultrasound and then had the laborist come verify presentation, sure enough, it was a butt. You would have never know from where we were picking up heart tones, but then mom mentioned that "I have been feeling the baby kick me down low." Hmmm...well, no vag delivery for you! So we called the doc, Mom was about 5-6cm, and we took her back for a C/S. Baby was born just before 0700, little girl, perfect, adorable and sure enough...butt first!

So...8 deliveries in 1 week, I caught a baby, I checked (and almost pitted) a breech baby, I did a crazy, messed up C/S with a bakri balloon, rectal cytotec on the table and general anesthesia, I got along good with the docs, and I got 1 day off before I do another 3 in a row! Ah..the life of a labor nurse :)

Babies today: 1f
Babies total: 54M/60F = 114
Vag:42M/45F = 87
C/S: 12M15F = 27
Babies 'caught' = 2f0.5m

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  1. Oh, LOL! I'm glad you guys figured out it was baby's bottom. Do doctors in your hospital not do breech deliveries?