Saturday, February 7, 2009

2 Shifts, 1 Blog

Only one blog because by the time I went to bed at noon yesterday there was no energy left for blogging...

After being off for 7 days after only working that one shift the week before I felt like the biggest slacker in the world! I just didn't want to go back to work! But I did anyway, 2 shifts of zero pay made this week's paycheck look REALLY bad.

So night number 1/3 consisted of a cervidil and a ROL who had a horribly crappy strip and the doctor looked at it, did another C/S and looked at it again and said let's cut it. So we did. I always feel bad for the prime's who come in and get sectioned right off the bat for a bad strip or who never really labor. That means the next time when they're baby is fine and they're ready to labor on their own, very few docs are going to let them just because of that first C/S. Getting this gal delivered was the right choice though. The placenta came out in chunks, nasty mec, the baby had a .82 shift and a blood sugar of like 400 when it got to the NICU. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

So then last night I was exhausted and wanted call, but all 6 of us were there. We cleaned up a board that had six labor patients on it and turned it into one labor and 2 CCIN postpartums. Yea for us! My child had a beautiful 6min decel into the 60s and I ALMOST got to see a forceps delivery, but then mom found some umph and pushed the kidd-o out. I love working with that particular doctor though. She is amazing, she is right there with the nurses not just hiding in the back room and she never makes the nurses (especially the new ones) feel stupid or like we ruined something. She's awesome.

So after my delivery and recovery I didn't have a patient the rest of the night and spent it running more than I thought, helping everyone else and just doing little things that needed to be done. My feet are very sore!

I am so ready for a nice, LONG sleep today. I get spoiled by sleeping all the time. I don't know how some nurses, especially the ones who go home to little kids, do it without sleeping! Hats off to you!

Babies today: 2m
Babies total: 35M/30F = 65
Vag:25M/26F = 51
C/S: 10M4F = 14
Babies 'caught' = 1f

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