Friday, February 13, 2009

3 out of 3

I am always happy when my 3rd of 3 is done! It makes me feel like a new person! Gotta enjoy 2 nights off, suck it up for 3 more then have 8 off. Yippee! I love the 8 off, but the 3 sets of 3 are kinda long if I'm honest about it.

It started out CRAZY tonight. I think, from the way day shift talked, that it was crazy all day long. I was "happy" with my 4 antepartums, and slowly just worked on getting my 30wk PTL who was happily contracting away to settle down, discharged my N/V girl and discharged my epigastric pain girl and helped my kidney stone girl settle in. After I got my two discharged and my 30wkr stopped contracting and fell asleep the night was good. I was actually pretty proud of myself for not freaking out, making decisions and being pretty self-sufficient. The rest of the unit was a mess too, just busy, busy, busy and lots of people walking in at shift change. I swear, it's those dangerous hours of between 5:30 and 7 on either end of the clock. They should just not be there!

I THINK I have have determined something about the difference between night/day shift. I haven't worked day shift in a few months, but from what I remember, everyone on dayshift is very self-sufficient. They come in, look at the board, most switch their assignments and then they do their thing. They fix their own problems, they make their own phone calls, unless it's a big emergency they really just kinda are their own person all day. I remember doing that when I worked day shift. When I left for the day I could tell you what I did and about what my patients did, but other than that...I was clueless to whatelse was going on. On night shift, we come in, get our assignment and by the end of the night we've all kinda done stuff for eachother and eachother's patients. Whoever has a free minute helps with someone who's behind on something or just needs to catch up on charting. I think the night catch phrase is "what can I do for someone?" Everyone knows what's going on with everyone's patients. Of course I know I'm speaking in very GENERAL terms, but I've just been thinking about the differences between the two different shifts and the different atmosphere's and the different attitudes that people seem to have towards nursing. Maybe it matters too that the night shift is for the most part younger than the day shift and we still "enjoy" our jobs and it's more than just a way to bring home a paycheck. I know some of the day nurses used to tease me while I was still on orientation about me still "enjoying nursing." I hope the day never comes when I don't enjoy nursing...

Anyway, my random thoughts for the morning. I'm off to bed, then to my high school reunion this weeknd. 5 years! I'm getting so old...haha!

Babies today: 1m
Babies total: 37M/31F = 68
Vag:27M/26F = 53
C/S: 10M5F = 15
Babies 'caught' = 1f

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