Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shift #2 in Bullet Points

I can't think in compete sentences, let alone paragraphs this morning, I'm are the bullet points from the last 24hrs

1. My cat slept with me and woke me up at 1400

2. Went to go give blood before work, the first gal blew my AC...that takes talent! Then the "head" phlebotomist stripped the tubbing to make sure it was really blown...I thought I was going to come off the chair, that hurt! Ended up giving out of the other arm, but have a VERY impressive bruse on my L arm from the 1st attempt

3. Worked out at the gym for an hour between giving blood and wonder I'm tired

4. Got a SUPER wonderful couple from J who delivered a >9# baby before 2100 for me. It was a perfect delivery. Just enough pushing to really engage the dad and get him really excited, he could see the progress with each push and you could just see his eyes light up! Yea!

5. Took a MVA triage right after delivery and tucked her in for the night, baby looked beautiful all night :)

6. Started a foley for a mom/baby nurse who had tried twice on a patient who spiked a temp, couldn't pee, etc. Talked on and on about how difficult the patient was...the patient was sweet as could be, just scared. After a little explanation, everything went great, easy foley.

7. Walked back on the unit after transferring my 1st delivery, guess I'm up next for triage! Little gal who was 2 and we finally figured out was ruptured. Walked in at midnight and delivered before 5. Another great couple, another great delivery. Funny, both deliveries were with the same doc who "ruled the board" and we had to call back in after he had gone back home after the first round of deliveries, he was actually very good about it...a rarity!

8. Everything seemed to hit the fan about 5am, what's new. A pt walked in 7, 4 people were wanting blocks, day shift couldn't get home fast enough. Walk out into the parking lot at 0745...4inches of show to scrape off my car!

9. Could barely keep my eyes open on the way home

10. Back for 3 more nights, then a few nights off, thank goodness!

Babies today: 2f

Babies total: 38M/34F = 72

Vag:28M/28F = 56

C/S: 10M6F = 16

Babies 'caught' = 1f

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  1. sounds like you got some of the snow we got too! crazy weather!

    That's great that you had great patients all day!